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   Chapter 200 Scott VS The Demonic Monster Kings (Part One)

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At the sight of what was happening in front of him, Darren smiled slightly. The outcome of the fight between Scott and the level eight, bull demonic monster had met his expectation. Elder Star, however, suddenly opened his eyes and turned to look at them in surprise.

"Elder Star, why didn't you continue to heal yourself?" Darren asked as he saw Elder Star open his eyes.

Elder Star was staring dazedly at Scott. But shortly, he snapped out of it and answered, "Don't worry. I'm not badly injured. It's only because I used a great amount of life vitality, which made my body weak. I feel much better now."

After that, he kept on muttering to himself, "I didn't expect the Holy Lord to be so powerful!"

When Scott declared that he would challenge the two demonic monster kings, Elder Star was deeply worried for his safety. Alas, he could do nothing because his life vitality was exhausted. He had thought that Scott wasn't much of a match for the demonic monster kings, but he could buy him a little time so that he might be able to recover his strength and then help him to fight them. But now, having witnessed the scene, he finally realized that he had underestimated Scott.

With just one slap, Scott had caused the level eight demonic monster to spit out a large mouthful of blood! Elder Star wondered to himself, 'If I fight with that demonic monster, I'm not certain I can get him badly injured with just one move. But Scott just beat the monster so easily. And to top it all off, it seemed as though he hadn't used much of his power at all!'

The two monster kings also stared at Scott with disbelief. Obviously, they had also underestimated his strength. They hadn't expected him to be so powerful!


the bull demonic monster let out a roar after being knocked down. Perhaps, it was because he suffered great pain—or rather, because of his mounting anger towards Scott! Vigorous energy surged around his body. Though he had been knocked down, he had a stubborn fighting spirit and he was unwilling to give in easily.

"Divine Bull King, it is time for us to kill this guy," North Monster King called out at the Divine Bull King as he kept his grim eyes glued to Scott, shooting him with a vicious glare.

"Huh! Are you speaking ill of my right hand deputy? He's the most powerful warrior among my subordinates! He was just careless, and that's why he was knocked down. Once he gets serious, it will be as easy as pie to kill the little Holy Lord," the Divine Bull King argued. He was reluctant to admit his subordinate's failure in front of North Monster King because it was so humiliating. Even though he didn't know Scott's actual strength, he still pretended to be unbothered and boasted of his warrior.

Suddenly, a stream of hot vapor jetted out from the bull demonic monster's nostrils. Anger was burning in his chest. Once again, he let out another bellow. With this loud noise, his body began to expand until blood-re

ain, he suddenly burst into manic laughter. His eyes, as big as saucers, now grew scarlet, shining with the desire to kill.

He laughed for a long time and finally stopped. Then he screamed harshly and declared, "Little bastard, you are now qualified to fight with me!"

Scott didn't speak a word. Instead, he responded with a palm attack which was enveloped with mighty aura that belonged to the Dragon Blood Clan.


The attack made the earth quake. A silhouette of a huge palm covered with green scales was formed, flying right at the Divine Bull King.

"Huh! You dare to irritate me! You are courting death!"

the Divine Bull King sneered. He then took out a metal cylinder from his back, holding it in his hands. Gradually it grew larger. When it grew into a considerable size, he finally threw it into the air, directly towards the approaching palm.

At this point, North Monster King drew himself aside. He stationed himself in a safe place, eagerly watching their battle.

He did this for two reasons. First, he didn't know the actual strength of Divine Bull King. This was the perfect opportunity for him to find out! Secondly, he could also use Divine Bull King's strength to test Scott's strength. After all, he was also quite surprised when he saw Scott use his physical body to conquer that bull demonic monster. He was not a stupid like Divine Bull King, and did not rashly engage with even the slightest threat.

The metal cylinder collided with the palm, resulting in streaks of lightning sparking forth. The thunder and lightning exploded in all directions.

It was fortunate that the two forces had collided each other hundreds of miles high above the ground, otherwise it could have been possible that everything would have been destroyed by the tremendous impact within a million miles.


Scott sneered. The next moment, his figure had turned into a streak of green light, shooting straight towards Divine Bull King!

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