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   Chapter 199 Two Demonic Monster Kings

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Darren saw a white light flash in front of him and the whole world became clear and bright. However, the strong coppery smell of blood still permeated the air. The next minute, he was greeted by the sight of numerous corpses lying in ditches and of blood spreading everywhere.

A couple of months ago, the demonic monsters waged a war against the humans who tried to set foot into their territories. Tens of thousands had died since then, both humans and demonic monsters.

Boom! Boom!

The ear-shattering sound of bombing was heard at a distance. Evidently, there was still some fighting going on.

Darren and Scott then flew towards that direction.

From a distance, they saw a group of people, all covered in blood. They were being backed into a corner by several gigantic monsters and had no way of escaping.

"The North Monster King," Scott muttered as he furiously glared at a thousand-feet tall lion.

Using his spiritual sense, Darren was able to sense that the group of people consisted of the strong old master of the Heavenly Palace Sect, a number of other skillful masters, and Bruce—a person he was definitely familiar with.

Based on his observations and on the few information he already had, he surmised that the demonic monsters had won the war. Even while headed by the old master of the Heavenly Palace Sect, the people involved in the fight were still not able to persevere.


Scott and Darren then flew towards them at a terrific speed.

"Look! What is that?" one of the survivors said, pointing out at the sky.

"A Holy Lord! We're saved!" another exclaimed.

The war survivors atop the cliff were exhilarated to see other human allies.

All of them, except for Bruce, were masters at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm.

"North Monster King! How dare you slaughter my fellow clansmen!"

Scott roared as he floated in mid-air; his voice was as cold as ice and as frightening as thunder. With his cyan robe flying about in the wind, he looked almost god-like.


the gigantic demonic monsters grunted. They turned around and glowered at the two humans with calculating eyes.

"Pfft, a Holy Lord. Do you want to take care of him?" The North Monster King smugly said to the Divine Bull King. The demonic monsters knew Scott and did not pay him too much mind. In their opinion, all Holy Lords had the ability of the

c monster. He could even equal to a level nine demonic monster when he used his talent skill.

The two kings gave their tacit approval of the bull demonic monster's behavior.

The Divine Bull King was quite confident of his right hand deputy's abilities.

"To kill a Holy Lord is not a small case. Will you be able to face the consequence? If you can't, I'll just send my blood lizard to deal with him," the North Monster King teased.

"Shut your damned mouth! The Dragon King is going to carry out a closed-door cultivation for a hundred years. I have nothing to be afraid of! Killing this human won't be a big deal for me. I would gladly kill them all if they decide to avenge him," the Divine Bull King said as he flexed his rippling muscles, standing at his full thousand-feet height.

"Are you guys done yammering?" Scott indifferently asked. "If so, then I'll start finishing you of one by one now—and nobody will be left alive!"

He let out a strong force. The next minute, he was rushing towards the level eight demonic monster.

"Are you ready for a show? Let's watch this while enjoying some good wine," the North Monster King said with a devilish smirk. 'The stupid bull will take responsibility for this.'

"That's a good idea! Give me some wine!" the Divine Bull King yelled out. It was clear that he still had not realized the risk he was taking.

A demonic monster immediately served him wine. The Divine Bull King and the North Monster King both watched the scene in front of them in anticipation. While the next minute they all shocked by what they saw.

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