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   Chapter 198 Brotherly Love

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"The Dragon Saliva Fruit is extremely precious. It was nurtured in the dragon blood pool for thousands of years. This may be purposeless for ordinary people, but as for you and me, who possesses the dragon bloodline in our veins, this serves as the most valuable treasure in the world. If one owns an intact Dragon Saliva Fruit, it can refine his feeble bloodline, and allow it to become extremely pure and clear. Either that, or it can change his blood into the lower level of the dragon blood," Scott explained.

He then continued, "If my blood can turn into the lower level of the dragon blood, it is certain that I will reach the Grand Realm in half a year. If I can't change my blood, it can only empower my bloodline and improve some of my strength, but there is not a slightest chance for me to arrive at the Grand Realm.

In your case, however, the effect of the fruit will be different. Right now, your bloodline is perfectly pure. Once you arrive at the peak stage of the Wonder Realm, you can refine the fruit and use it to change your bloodline. After that, with the great power of the dragon blood, I'm sure that you will reach the Grand Realm! So, you take the fruit. Having it for myself would be such a waste."

As Scott concluded, Darren nodded his head in comprehension.

'It's such an honor to have a brother like him, ' Darren thought. Not many people would be as generous and selfless as Scott. Darren was deeply moved by this grand gesture. Scott voluntarily gave up his chance to reach the Grand Realm and offered it to Darren. It was so noble of him to make such a sacrifice.

No one could change the world in a single stroke, but Scott's kindness made all the difference. Considering that they knew each other for only a short period, anybody else wouldn't think twice to kill him when tempted with such a rare treasure. But Scott, the good person that he was, chose the path of unselfishness. As far as Darren knew, if a person could reach the Grand Realm, it meant that he could be above everyone else in the world. He would be the real king of the martial world, and everyone would have to obey his orders. Such a lure of power could be both tempting and daunting. But Scott resisted such a temptation.

"In that case, you should take the half of the Dragon Saliva Fruit," Darren offered after thinking further. "Even if your chances are slim, you can still can make an effort and make it work for your advantage. This is a rare chance for you too, and now is not the time for you to give up. As for me, I have no idea when I will be arriving at the Wonder Realm. Nothing is settled yet, so I probably won't have the chance to use it at all," he stated. He looked at Scott and noticed the torn expression etched on his face.

He knew that Scott wanted to refuse him on his offer again. So before Scott could say anything, Darren feigned anger and boomed, "If you insist on giving it to me, I will think that you are looking down on me and you are afraid to owe a debt of gratitude to me."

"There's really no changing your mind, huh?" Scott sighed and admitte

uld be overturned as the Lord of the Holy Land. As the Holy Lord of the Dragon Holy Land, Scott also took the responsibility to protect the forbidden area. But he also had no idea what was lurking inside. He also didn't know what ways he could do to find out. The only thing he was sure of was that the Holy Land actually came from the witchers.

"I do know a thing or two about the forbidden area. Let me tell you everything I know. Scott, have you heard of the witchers?" Darren asked. Scott's eyes lit up in expectation of what he was about to learn.

Darren told Scott everything he knew about the forbidden area. As he finished telling his story, it left Scott completely dumbfounded.

"I see. So the witchers do exist in the world. And the great war happened a long time ago was also true. No wonder the eight Holy Lands have such high statuses and good reputations, it is all because the witchers had chosen us. But I guess there must have had other reasons for it. Otherwise, the witchers would not choose our clan and those groups in the first place," Scott analyzed. He stroked his chin as he processed the new information he just heard.

"Maybe you're right about that. But we should get out of here soon, I have a friend waiting for me outside and I don't know how he is. What's more, I have been here for a long time. Elsa is going to be worried about me." Darren gave Scott an anxious look.

"Okay, Let's go," Scott agreed. They both flew towards the lake.

When they got there, they were faced with a strange vortex. Scott transferred his aura of dragon blood and blew towards it. A door emerged from the water, emitting blinding rays of light. They were both enveloped by the light, and with that, they disappeared.

Darren had never seen those people who had first stepped their feet into this place. Probably because they were all buried in the dust and dirt so that no one could find out again. Staring deep into the void, he felt that this place was as vast as a world, and he would never figure out the infinite secrets it beheld.

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