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   Chapter 196 Stunning Strength (Part One)

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A glaring light shone brilliantly to kindle the whole sky. Without delay, Darren flew towards the direction where the explosive noise came from. Suddenly, an immense form came from that direction, stirring the air and causing the earth to shake. It truly seemed as if the earth and sky were crashing down on each other.

After a few moments, Darren was able to reach his destination. He saw five projections of Scott floating in the air, manifesting frightening momentum in front of their enemy. Right in front of Scott's five images stood a young man in black armor. A cloud of darkness suspended him in the air.

Both men exuded an air of coldness. But in comparison to Scott, the man in black armor seemed more ruthless with a much powerful strength.

"Scott must have used his inheritance skill to split into five avatars of himself. He is not taking any chances. There was no way he was going to let his enemy get the upper hand," Darren murmured to himself.

Darren was fully aware that the man in black armor was by no means weak. In terms of martial arts, he knew from Scott that the man was at the same level of intelligence as a Grand Realm warrior.

Suddenly, a fierce roar resounded in the air.

Scott's five avatars howled wildly all at once. Behind every avatar was a monstrous shadow of a dragon.

The black mountains shook and collapsed as the dragons roared fiercely. The sound waves were so intense that even Darren had to back off several miles away just to steady himself. The moment he found his footing, he suspended himself in the air in order to get a better view of the fight.

Scott's five avatars moved with enormous force simultaneously all of a sudden. Responding to their movement, the five dragons behind them swiftly wagged their bodies to rally an even more tremendous energy. Without delay, they immediately launched attacks towards the man in black armor at the same time.

At once, a piercing noise resounded in the air.

The young man howled in fury, his eyes lit up with fierceness. He stretched out his hands to launch a waft of black smoke at his enemies. It darted towards the five avatars of Scott like some sort of black lightning.

The black smoke spread out to put the man

as black scales began to grow on his skin one after the other.

In that moment, Daren had turned himself into a fighting monster.

As soon as Darren completed his transformation, he felt a cold gaze land on him. The man in black armor looked down at Darren from up above with a gaze so piercing it seemed as if it were a sharp sword that could stab any of his enemies.

Darren could not help but tremble under the gaze of the man. Despite Darren's existing power, the man still frightened him greatly. Darren was left with no choice but to subdue his fear. He leaped into the air like a black lightning, dashed towards the black pit that was created by Scott's body, and slipped into it.

'Why didn't he stop me?' Darren thought as his heart fluttered nervously. Somehow, deep inside, he had a feeling that the man was not planning on launching any attacks against him. Had the man been planning on attacking Darren, he would have been able to smash him into pieces with just a snap of his fingers.

Darren darted straight towards the heart of the earth. By the time he reached the core, he was already miles away from the earth's surface.

He did not stop until he saw a vast area full of lava. There, he found Scott's wounded body immediately.

'The lava is scorching hot. If he had fallen into the lava, he would have been turned into ashes immediately. I would burn into nothing too, if I fall into it.' Darren felt relieved that Scott did not fall into the sea of lava.

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