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   Chapter 195 It Was Coming

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"Does that mean I should keep refining my body until I am effective against the overmatch at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm?" Darren inquired Scott.

"That's right. But more than that, your target is to reach the point where you can easily resist the Omnipotent Talent Skill at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. With this, you will remain invincible,"

Scott explained. Darren grumbled as he thought about it hard. "It is too difficult! I could even rival the Divine Weapon if I reach that high."

"Here are books on body refinement." Scott propped two ancient books in Darren's hand. "When you successfully refine your body and reach the high level, you can do what I mentioned."

Darren dusted the covers of the books and studied them gingerly. He carefully opened one of them and skimmed through the pages. The words "turning a body into a weapon" caught his attention.

As he read through the contents of the book, he was surprised that he was somewhat familiar with it. Darren's eyebrows furrowed as he couldn't help but ask, "Why is this similar to the bloodline force of the Ancient Families?"

"You're right. The book you're holding is actually the legendary martial skill from the Ji Clan of the Ancient Families. Once a man's body is turned into a weapon, he will obtain frightening strength and power." This, however, still left some questions to Darren.

"But of what use are these books to me? Isn't it said that only the blood of the Ji Clan can achieve that point?"

"As far as I know, you don't necessarily have to have the bloodline force of the Ancient Families," Scott explained. "Practicing the legendary martial skill, along with the magic spring water is essential for reaching the state of turning a body into a weapon. The Ancient Families' bloodline force can only accelerate the cultivation of the legendary martial skill, but it doesn't mean it is exclusive for them.

In other words, with the magic spring water, anyone can practice it, though the speed will be extremely slow. So you'd better have a good look at the book, Darren. Maybe there will be rewards. Even though you just started, your strength will definitely increase," Scott concluded. He shifted his gaze to the second book he gave Darren.

"I got the other book a few years ago occasionally from a dangerous place, but it doesn't match with my strength now. I recommend you to focus more on it. When you refine your body, you will be able to resist the ordinary martial skill from the warriors at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm."

Darren picked up the other book Scott gave, which was named Demonic Blood Refining Skill. As its name

, he discovered a skeleton, whose wrist wore a bronze bracer. He thought that it looked familiar as he inspected it carefully.

"I know it,"

Darren murmured to himself, picking up the bronze bracer. It was the same with the one he got from the auction. Apparently, both of them belonged to the unknown set of armor.

Darren immediately took out the other parts that he got before from his Space Ring and put them on simultaneously.


The buzzing sounds haunted his head when the black runes started shining constantly on the armor.

Rather than a quick flash of light, the black runes that flowed through the mask, the body armor and the bronze bracers, seemed to be restoring something.

'What an odd air. If the armor was intact, its power would be inconceivable!'

Darren thought. The air it was exuding was stronger than the strength of a rule cultivator, even stronger than the strength of a witcher.

However, Darren's power didn't increase much with one more bronze bracer, only the defense capability reinforced.

He took the armor off. It could be estimated that the four parts made up one quarter of the whole set of armor, the legs, the arms and the back still being lost.

Darren put them back to his Space Ring and continued the search, but upon two hours' scouring through, he had no luck. He found nothing related to the armor. He was thinking of going back when something caught his attention.




Before he could process anything, a dragon's howling came from the place where he and Scott once were. He knew these sounds.

"What bad luck! Scott must have encountered that powerful fiend from the bronze coffin!" Darren freaked out, flying in the direction of Scott, his heart filled with worry.

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