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   Chapter 194 The Secret Of The Talent Roll

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Darren released his strong aura. He was like a sharp sword, floating in the air.

Scott was surprised with his power. He had never seen a cultivator who was at the top stage of the Mysterious Realm emitting an aura that could only belong to someone at the top level of the primary stage of the Wonder Realm.

"Darren, you are good enough to improve your position on the Talent Roll. You have obtained all the requirements. But sadly, you are still too young. Also, you haven't reached the Wonder Realm yet. This is your biggest obstacle," Scott said, as he also floated in the air. The aura around him slowly faded. He was ready to show Darren the strength of a cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm.

"All the requirements? What do you mean by that?" Darren felt like he was ready. But hearing Scott's words, he couldn't help but be curious.

"The Talent Roll values challenging martial artists who are in realms that are higher than yours. Your talent and age are also important. As far as I know, the person who is currently ranked at one hundred on the Talent Roll had enough power to kill someone at the top level of the middle stage of the Wonder Realm, even when he only got into the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. Plus, he's only twenty-two right now," he explained.

This surprised Darren, but he opted to stop asking any more questions. He thought of the first time he saw the Talent Roll. He used a rune to kill a person who was in the Wonder Realm. The Talent Roll appeared and showed that he ranked eighteenth at the time.

Silently thinking, Darren finally understood the reason behind it. He was still in the Spirit Realm during that time and he killed someone who was in the Wonder Realm whose level was much higher than his! It was indeed like what Scott said. The thing that the Talent Roll valued the most was challenging someone who was way stronger than you.

"So, according to what you said, if I, who's still in the Mysterious Realm, beat someone who's at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm, then my ranking will be below one hundred, right?"

"Yeah, that's right. If you can do that at your current age, you might even be in the top 50. But if you do that when you get into the Wonder Realm, your ranking won't be that high anymore. As you age the realms you can beat also becomes less," Scott answered.

"I see. Then let's start, Scott." After saying these words, Darren immediately called eight avatars out. He also used the bronze mask and the battle armor in his Space Ring.

Seeing Darren's battle armor, something flashed in Scott's eyes but it quickly disappeared. He then let his aura out. A huge dragon shadow appeared behind him, floating in the air.

"We will fight only once, Darren!"


answered Darren. He immediately used his sword core and supernatural blade skill at the same time.

Both sword and blade intents were brandished at the same time. They were so strong, it seemed as if they could destroy anything in their way. Like a terrifying beast, both charged at Scott.

Darren used the simple Wind Rule to shoot Scott blades of wind as he ran towards him with

its sacred passage," Scott explained.

"What? Who? Why would they do that?" Darren asked, confused.

"They are the powerful martial artists of the Grand Realm and they live a hidden life. As soon as someone new gets to the top 100 of the Talent Roll, a martial artist of the Grand Realm goes to talk to him and asks him to go to the Raksa Sea along with a generous and enticing offer."

"The Grand Realm? " Darren felt surprised. He didn't understand the reason behind it.

"I know you're surprised, Darren. The martial artists from the Grand Realm fight for good and young cultivators who get to the Talent Roll because they also need the Primitive Stone. Everyone in the Grand Realm does. As for the reason behind it, I am just as lost as you. I guess that is something I will only find out when I get there.

So now, you have two choices. One, you can wait until I reach the Grand Realm. I will have the right to send you to the Raksa Sea by then. Two, you can enter the top 100 of the Talent Roll and wait for a martial artist from the Grand Realm to come and talk to you."

Darren couldn't help but get a bit excited. He asked, "Scott, how far are you into reaching the Grand Realm?"

"You can say that I am very close. It's only one step away. But it will possibly take me hundreds of years to get in. I might never get into the Grand Realm at all," he replied.

Of course, Darren could not wait for hundreds of years. He was already at the top stage of the Mysterious Realm. Even if he didn't upgrade, he would never live hundreds of years.

Seeing Darren's disappointment, Scott said again, "I think you should fight to be in the top 100 of the Talent Roll. Although it can be difficult for you to beat someone who is at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm, there is another way."

Darren's eyes widened. "What is it?" he asked hopefully.

Scott hesitated before he finally replied, "Refining your body."

This confused Darren even more. He only wanted to be strong enough to fight someone who was at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. What was the use of refining his body?

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