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   Chapter 192 Defeat Two Wonder Realm Cultivators

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It was incredible. A Mysterious Realm teenager survived a Wonder Realm cultivator's Omnipotent Talent Skill. This event could make Darren rise to fame overnight.

In the whole world, only a few superior talents could make it as far as Darren did. This was why the two men were thunderstruck.

"Who... who the hell are you? How did you do that?" the slim man asked, terrified.

Darren gave a cold snort and said, "Didn't you say you would kill me and take my treasures? I'll give you another chance to attack me. If you don't do that, you will die." His voice was resolute.

The slim man exchanged glances with his companion, terror overwhelming them. Darren could practically see their knees shaking.

"Come on, let's work together to take him out," the ugly man said after recovering from his shock. "The two of us are at the Wonder Realm. I think we can bring him down if we both fight him."


An enormous power approached and stopped not far from Darren, the shockwave causing a loud noise. A figure floated in the spot where the energy radiated from.

"Scott, you refined that Dragon Saliva Fruit, didn't you?" Darren asked when he detected the suffocating aura emanating from his friend. He couldn't help but smirk. He was glad that Scott had become stronger.

Scott nodded in confirmation. Glancing at the two men with scorn, he spoke with coldness in his voice, "Do you need me to take care of these losers?"

"No, thanks. I was planning to play with them a little longer," Darren replied flatly. He turned his gaze from Scott back to the men.

Sensing the tremendous power coming from Scott, the two men floating in front of Darren trembled violently with fear. They knelt down in mid-air and begged, "I'm so sorry for what I did to you. Please forgive our rudeness and spare us."

The two men who had reached the primary stage of the Wonder Realm were imploring Darren in a humble manner.

Scott didn't respond. Looking back at Darren, he said, "Those two are at the Wonder Realm. You can't defeat them. Just leave them to me."

Darren smiled faintly before replying, "Don't worry, Scott. Even though I was hit by their Omnipotent Talent Skill, I'm fine. I can handle them easily."

A gleam flashed across Scott's eyes as he heard Darren's words. It suddenly crossed his mind that the young man had the purest aura of dragon blood inside his body, so his physical strength was much stronger than ordinary people's. Still, he was surprised to see that he had survived Omnipotent Talent Skill. After all, Darren was just at the Mysterious Realm. It was unbelievable on all accounts. Then again, Darren always seemed to be full of surprises.

'If he can remain safe and sound after being hit by Omnipotent Talent Skill, it means that those two men can't kill him.' With this thought in mind, Scott decided to stay out of it for the moment. He looked forward to witnessing Darren's real strength.

"If you say so," Scott relented, "you can give it a try. When you get bored, I will take their lives for you." Even though Scott

Darren was victorious.

"Nice trick!" Scott remarked, flying towards Darren. Unable to hide his astonishment, he continued, "I didn't think that you had practiced the inheritance skill of the dragon. No wonder the aura of dragon blood you give off is purer than mine. You can summon six avatars, so there is no doubt you could take them out. But the result still surprised me. I think you're an incredible genius."

Darren patted his friend on the shoulder in thanks. "Ha-ha! I'm flattered. I acquired this skill by chance. I actually can summon eight avatars. Since those two men were not very strong, I decided not to use all of them," he explained.

"What? Eight avatars?" Scott's jaw dropped. Disbelief was plastered all over his face. To say he was impressed would be an understatement. "You're more talented than I. I entered the Wonder Realm at twenty. When I was thirty, I reached the middle stage of Wonder Realm, and I could only summon one avatar. A hundred years later, I reached the supreme stage, and I can only get three avatars."

Wonder Realm could be divided into five parts: the primary stage, the middle stage, the advanced stage, the premium stage, and the supreme stage. Scott had entered the Wonder Realm at twenty, which meant he was quite talented. But he had just reached the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm at 130 years old on the premise that he had lots of adventures. There was no doubt that it was difficult to make a breakthrough when cultivators entered the Wonder Realm. For those who were as talented as Scott, it would take them at least four hundred years to reach the supreme stage of Wonder Realm without any lucky adventures.

"So you learned the inheritance skill of the dragon too? Can you give me the details on it?" Darren asked with interest, eyes lighting up. He wanted to know all he could about the skill so he could become even stronger.

"Come with me. Let's find a place first. I will fill you in," Scott replied before flying towards a barren hill. Darren followed close behind.

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