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   Chapter 191 Body Strength

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The two figures approaching at high speed suddenly appeared in front of Darren.

"That fragrance specifically came from this person. Do you think he has the magic medicine?" the two of them muttered indistinctly.

They were both a mess; their clothes were ragged and parts of it were torn. But even so, one would still easily be able to tell that they were not from the southern land, based on their attire.

"Give me that thing you have right now, or else we, the Heroic Duo of East Hill, will kill you," threatened the one with the brutishly ugly face.

Darren detected from their energy that they were both masters who had reached the primary stage of the Wonder Realm, and they were attracted by the aroma of the red fruit.

Before arriving at the place, he had heard that countless masters from foreign lands were coming. The two strange men were apparently from East Hill.

"Are you two planning on robbing and killing me?" Darren asked, straight-faced.

"Ha-Ha! Of course, you idiot. That is exactly what we're doing," the one with the slim scraggly body said, then continued to mockingly laugh at him.

But it seemed like his taunting didn't have any effect on Darren. The slim man stopped laughing and whispered to his partner, "Hey, brother. I feel like something's wrong here. This guy isn't frightened at all. Look! There's someone over there!" They saw a figure sitting still in the distance. When they turned back, Darren was calm and was looking right at them. They became dumbstruck for a moment and went back to their discussion.

"Psh! This guy is only at the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm. He doesn't even know what we're capable of, so of course he's not afraid!" the ugly man reassured his partner. "And as for the man over there, do you think he's already dead?" he added.

"I think he is. All right, then. Let's kill this guy and see what he has," the slim guy suggested and started to roll up his sleeves. "It was damn hard to get out. He is going to make it up to us," he added as he glared at Darren.

Darren stood in front of them calmly, took out the last half of the red fruit and flashed it in front of the men. "Is this what you want?" As he spoke, the fruit instantly went back to the Space Ring.

"Wow! That smells good. That is definitely one of the magic medicines," the slim guy blurted out.

"Good thing you're quite tactful, otherwise you'd be dead. Now, give that fruit to us and we'll gladly let you go," demanded the ugly man.

"Come and get it, if you dare," Darren taunted at them and then flew into the remote secluded mountain.

Darren would never let these kinds of wretched people walk free. However, Scott had been immersed in cultivatio

wouldn't be able to handle the hammer, he would still be able to use the demonic transforming skill or the Earth Rule to further strengthen his body. Either way, he was certain that the hammer couldn't kill him.

In the blink of an eye, the hammer struck Darren's body.

The ground rumbled.

Darren was flung downwards to the barren mountain, creating another chasm that reached deep down to the bottom.

"Hang on, big brother," the ugly man cautiously said. "I think he is still alive."

Darren should have been smashed to dust once he came into contact with the hammer. And yet, they saw Darren's body falling with the hammer, which meant Darren's power measured up to the hammer's power.

The slim man frowned at his brother and replied, "Don't be ridiculous. His body wouldn't be able to withstand an attack from a Divine Weapon."

"He's too young to have such a cultivation base. What if he's a young master of one of the biggest clans in the south? Or maybe he has some kind of powerful armor on his body, because otherwise, he would have been smashed to dust," the ugly man speculated.

"That somewhat makes sense. Let's go and check. It will be incredibly worthwhile if we got our hands on such a powerful armor. Ha-ha!" the slim man cheered in satisfaction.

As they were about to fly down to take a look. A figure rapidly flew upwards from the hole, making the wind whistle. Suddenly, Darren was in front of them.

"Damn! That felt good! I will give you another chance. Hit me again." Darren smiled like a madman. He spread his arms, awaiting the next strike.

Being hit by the hammer didn't injure him at all, it just made him stronger. He felt more energetic and exuberant.


"What the hell?"

The men cursed out. They stared at Darren, eyes wide and mouths agape.

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