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   Chapter 190 Scott

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Darren quickly crashed into the Blood Dragon closest to the man.


Since Darren was now stronger than before, the impact was more intense than usual. His stomach trembled, almost making him vomit out blood.

It was encouraging to see that the impact worked. Now that the Blood Dragon had slowed down, the man was more likely to be saved.

Upon being provoked, the other Blood Dragons wrathfully roared at Darren with fire burning in their eyes. But the moment they felt the power inside him, their fury turned to peacefulness. They went around Darren and chased the man again.


The man had not yet gotten out of the big lake, and the Blood Dragons were still after him. As they flew, they ejected fuming hot air from their mouths with their jaws open wide. The air coming from them destroyed everything it touched. There was no doubt that the man would be snuffed out by merely the touch of it.

'That must be the dragon breath!'

Upon seeing this, Darren realized that resisting it would be fairly risky. He speculated for a moment and unsheathed the blade and the sword. At once, he shot numerous blade intent and sword intent towards the man.

Darren's blade and sword intent flew even faster than the dragon breath.

Given the man's strength, Darren assumed that he would not be fatally injured by his blade intent and sword intent. Thus, he made use of the intents' fast speed to increase the man's momentum and shove him towards the shore faster.

'Whether you vanish or you live now depends on your fortune.' Darren observed in mid-air.

Darren's unparalleled sword intent hit the man just half a minute before the dragon breath, and the man was able to dart faster towards the shore. Unfortunately, he was unable to avoid all of the dragon breath, and the small amount of dragon breath that clung to his back corroded his skin and flesh, leaving some of his bones exposed.

Finally, the man was able to run out of the huge lake. In spite of their fury the Blood Dragons had no choice but to give up the chase. They submerged themselves into the blood lake and disappeared.

Soon, Darren also landed on the shore to check on the man.

'Uh? I must have met him somewhere, ' Darren thought as he looked over at the man. With internal breath, Darren wiped out the man's bloodstains, and a solemn face was revealed. Almost immediately, Darren recognized him. 'He is the Holy Lord of Dragon Holy Land, ' Darren th

be your friend," Darren said, declining his offer.

As a poor speaker, Scott was at a loss for words. He stood still for a while and said, "Darren, I bet you are not such a traditional man. Even though I have a higher status, we still can be friends, can't we?"

"Well." Darren was stunned. "Since you put it that way, I will be your friend then. Ha-ha!"

Darren didn't deny his offer anymore and accepted it straight away.

"Ha-ha!" Somewhat unusually, Scott laughed and patted Darren on the shoulder. "Darren, my friend, I am extremely lucky to have encountered you in my life. You are more than just my savior. Your body emits the pure aura of dragon blood."

"How do you know that?" Darren confused. He wasn't even quite sure whether the aura of dragon blood was actually inside him.

"Darren, the red fruit is called Dragon Saliva Fruit. It's filled with many great benefits unless they are refined. Only in this way can I absorb the energy. Otherwise, the effect will disappear soon. When I wake up, I will resolve your confusion," Scott said in a serious tone, as he usually did.

Darren nodded. Then Scott remained silent, sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed.


Time flew, and before long, two days had already passed. Scott still sat there, motionless.

Darren was so bored that he cut a small piece of Dragon Saliva Fruit to eat. He waited to see what would happen to him.

But before he could refine it, Darren felt the presence of two powerful forces.

"Who are there?" Darren looked intently towards the sky. Suddenly, two dark figures at the Wonder realm flew over at lightning speed.

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