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   Chapter 189 Blood Pool (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-10-21 15:55

As he kept on assimilating those plants, his strength dramatically increased. It would take only a little time before he gained a new skill again.



Darren let out a roar of dragon again. His voice was so tremendous that made the whole space shake violently.


In just a snap, Darren's body was divided into many pieces.

In the end, nine shadows stood in the pool and each of them emitted powerful aura. On the other hand, the tension calmed down as Darren chuckled.

"Ha-Ha. That's great! This is really amusing. It is unbelievable that I have eight avatars after I assimilated those bloody red plants!" With a smirk, Darren felt giddy with excitement.

Generally speaking, if one wanted to achieve eight avatars, he needed to have the great power of Avatar Rule to help him. And it was a virtually impossible task for Darren to grasp it so fast, even if he arrived the talent of the Heaven Degree. Who could have known that those bloody red plants were the answer all along?

However, it was such a waste if he would leave like that. Darren walked along the blood pool and started to pick all those plants. After an hour, half of the bloody red plants around the pool were absorbed into Darren's body and greatly empowered him. His strength was elevated to a brand new stage that he couldn't imagine before. He felt his power was much more intense than when he combined the demonic transformation and the Rule of the Earth together.

He could only stop as his body condition had reached a limit, so further assimilation would be useless. Nonetheless, what he acquired was powerful enough for him.

In the next hour, Darren picked all of the plants around the pool and put them inside the Space Ring. It might be useful later on.

Although the bloody red plant only had a hint of spiritual energy, a large quantity of the plant was enough for Darren to make a quick recovery from his injuries, and the rest of the spiritual energy could force him to improve his cultivation stage.

"Ha!" He s

that left him completely dumbfounded.


Those shadows of the Blood Dragon emerged from the lake again and aimed for the man who had popped out. It seemed that the dragons caught a prey.

"Ah!" Feeling worried, Darren was totally taken aback by the experience, gasping for air. The power of the dragon shadows and that human was so intense that he was pushed back in numerous strikes.

Eyebrows twitched, Darren observed the current situation from a distance. In the blink of an eye, the Blood Dragon caught hold of the human. That human was so exhausted that he looked deathly pale and almost faint. It seemed that he was badly injured before, so he had to use up all his forces to escape from the dragon. It would only be a matter of time before the man would be eaten up alive.

'It is absolutely certain that he will die in the battle. Ugh, this is too dangerous and frustrating. Do I need to save him from the danger? Why is there no one here?' Darren thought to himself.

Seeing that the human was about to be broken into pieces by the Blood Dragon, Darren lost in thought. His conscience overpowered him, it was too stubborn to listen at his rational self. He should save that human. So after he hesitated for a short moment, he immediately emitted the aura of dragon blood and turned it into a ray of light and sent it toward them.

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