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   Chapter 188 Blood Pool (Part One)

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A loud sound deafened the area. The ground slightly shook because of the enormous impact. Feeling dizzy, Darren realized that he had sunk into a cold mire. He was too tired to open his eyes after the level six demonic monster inflicted great damage to his body.

Fortunately, nature seemed to be on his side. Darren felt refreshed when a blast of cold air flew into his spine, making him come around. He took out some pills and spiritual herbs from Space Ring to relieve his pain. He started to assimilate the spiritual energy and tried to recover from the injuries.

Of course, the herbs and pills didn't take effect instantly. So Darren had to be stagnant for a while. After an hour, he consumed most of the pills and spiritual herbs. He soon recovered from his bone fracture and came to his senses. He felt thrilled as if he was reincarnated again.

"I feel hot!" Darren shouted out of impulse. He couldn't restrain the hot humidity he felt.

'I have recovered. What a relief! I felt as if my life ended earlier and I was given a miracle, ' he thought blissfully. As he kept on sinking into the mire, he didn't feel cold anymore. All the mud became so hot that he could hardly sustain.


As he had no time to waste, Darren transferred his power and flew up toward the entrance of the cave. The time he spent on resting was quite long.

After a long while of transferring his power, feeling exhausted, Darren dashed out the cave with all his forces. A blinding light spread around, making him close his eyes.

Facing front, a hard surface stopped him from exiting. Darren instantly recognized the smell of the ground, then realized that he must have fallen to the ground. Pain crept in his body. After he fell on the hard ground, Darren opened his eyes and looked backward.

"Ah!" Darren groaned, feeling aches all over his body. However, the escapade was a success. He stood up and patted his clothes to clean them. After wiping himself, Darren was taken aback as something caught his attention.

In front

ith a primitive aura," Darren couldn't help but speak aloud.


Inevitably, Darren gave out a loud roar when he felt that the plant had undergone a dramatic transformation inside his body. The bloody red plant had wild effects on Darren. In the blink of an eye, his mind shook violently and was dragged into a strange space. Rays of silver light glittered from his sharp eyes. He acquired a peculiar power from those plants, which made him feel amused but puzzled.

'This is strange. Why did I let out a roar of a dragon? I even fell into the Blood Dragon Phantom. Am I thinking this right? So it probably meant that the blood came from the ancient dragon! This is amazing!' Darren thought. Feeling pumped up for what he had discovered, Darren felt his heart quicken. Luck was on his side again.

Grinning widely, he took a glance around the field of bloody red plants. He immediately plucked off an abundance of those plants and assimilated them as fast as he could.

The more he assimilated, the more he realized what he thought was right. He felt as though he could see a green dragon stretch across the starry sky. He could also hear the dragon keep on howling with anger, dancing in the air. It emitted a tremendously intense aura that could turn the entire world upside down.

"Ah! My body is changing!" Darren screamed, being startled.

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