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   Chapter 187 Being Thrown Into The Cave

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After realizing that Bruce was actually a human being, the level five demonic monster, as well as a level two demonic monster, lunged at him at full force with a deafening roar.

Darren jumped in front of Bruce immediately. Their first opponent was nothing more than a level two demonic monster. Therefore, defeating it was absolutely not a big deal for Darren.


With a strike of his palm, Darren's tremendous demonic internal force burst out and smashed the head of the level two demonic monster into pieces.

A bloody smell permeated the air, catching the attention of all the other demonic monsters nearby. One after another, they all turned around and stared at Darren, murderous gleams shining in their eyes.

More than that, they were greatly puzzled. They did not understand why a demonic monster with a black carapace and black spines would dare to kill a companion in the presence of the king of the demonic monsters? What a daredevil demonic monster!

After a brief communication using their beast language, the demonic monsters realized that the one with a black carapace was protecting a human being!

At once, the demonic monsters started howling.

With a deafening wave of roaring, countless demonic monsters lunged directly at Darren and Bruce.

Like a dark cloud, they swarmed towards Darren one after another. Darren had no choice but to fight them or he would die.


Darren dispatched his tremendous demonic internal force and smashed the weaker demonic monsters into minced flesh all at once. Their blood splattered everywhere. However, many level three, level four or even level five demonic monsters were mixed among them, and Darren was not yet powerful enough to kill all of them with one strike. Most especially, Darren was no match at all for the level five demonic monsters whose strengths were equivalent to that of human warriors at the top level of the primary stage of the Wonder Realm.

"Run!" After being bombarded with several powerful attacks from all directions, Darren took Bruce's hand and began to flee for their lives. His travelling speed was even faster than a level five demonic monster's.

The uproar among the army of demonic monsters soon caught the attention of some forceful demonic monsters standing in the front.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Humans are making sneak attack at us from behind!"

"Kill them!"

Now that an even bigger swarm of demonic monsters was closing in on them, Darren had no choice but to go even faster in order to get away with them. Just when Darren thought he might actually be able to get away, an enormous shadow loomed over Darren as the level six demonic monster who brought Darren over descended from the sky.

The mighty demonic monster left Darren breathless with fear. Level six demonic monsters were superior to Darren in all aspects, strength and speed included!

"So, it turns out you are actually a spy working for humans, huh? Damn you!" The level six demonic monster finally managed to realize Darren's and Bruce's real identities. It had doubts about Darren's words and deeds, but Darren's and Bruce's weak strength dispelled its doubts. Being deceived, the level six demonic monster was filled up with fury.

"Die!" A stream of light green

and flesh.


The moment the army of demonic monsters saw what had just happened, anger blazed in their eyes and they all let out an earthshaking roar.

"My king, the damn human beings have taken the initiative to wage a war against us. Let us tear them apart!"

The demonic monsters considered the actions of the humans as a declaration of war.

"They killed my people in my presence and bullied me! Kill them all." The North Monster King was a tough opponent by nature. The human warriors' declaration of war gave him a good reason to fight back.

In an instant, a violent and ruthless aura burst out from the troops of the demonic monsters. Even the heaven and earth trembled when the demonic monsters turned into their original shapes simultaneously. Bloodthirsty looks shone in their eyes as they lunged at the humans.

A dozen powerful demonic monsters at the North Monster King's side rushed to the forefront. As level eight demonic monsters, they clapped their huge palms on the human master warriors from above, stirring up a foul smelling gush of wind and a rain of blood.

"Wanton brutes!"

Elder Star's robe flapped in the wind as he roared up and flew to the North Monster King. All the other human master warriors at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm also fought back with overwhelming momentum.

The sky became dark with chaos as the earth shuddered. Numerous huge cracks stretched across the earth surface as the land suddenly became a living hell.

Meanwhile, a bloody figure shot out from the bottom of a pit hundreds of meters deep. With a human body in his hand, he tried to flee from the hellish battlefield as fast as he could.

Unfortunately, a powerful level eight demonic monster caught sight of Darren the instant he flew out of the pit. A devastating force stormed towards him as it clawed at Darren's bloody figure.

The overwhelming force shrouded Darren and threw him into the black mountain.

Because of the immense force of the impact, Darren began to fade out of consciousness and dropped Bruce in the crucial moment as he was thrown right into the mouth of a deep cave. Within a split second, Darren disappeared.

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