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   Chapter 186 The Two Armies Confront Each Other

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A huge number of demonic monsters covered the sky. Down on the ground, the human martial artists released their combined auras which were as powerful as the demonic monsters'.

Because Darren and Bruce were hiding among the demonic monsters, they were affected by the humans' aura as well. An unnerving feeling washed over them and they almost couldn't breathe. Several level one and level two demonic monsters beside them dropped to the ground and started vomiting blood. The weaker demonic monsters who could fly also started falling down.

Darren used his demonic internal force to resist the strong aura and make himself immune to its effects. Up ahead, below the black mountains, he saw people who were dressed very differently. He was surprised to discover that he was able to distinctly detect two strong sources even from that distance. It was coming from two young men who looked no more than thirty.

'They might be two of the first one hundred martial artists on the Talent Roll!' Thinking of this possibility, Darren couldn't help but feel surprised.

"North Monster King! Are you really going to break the agreement and continue this attack on us? " One of the humans bellowed, emitting a strong aura.

"Humph! You went into my territory. Tell me why I can't kill you all. As for the agreement, I have never heard of it," replied the demonic monster who stood at the very front of the rest of the demonic monsters, also emitting an even stronger aura.

"North Monster King, you demonic monsters lost a fight against us many years ago and had signed an agreement. We can come here as we want. It's you who broke the agreement. Aren't you afraid of suffering another defeat against our army? If you really want to get on our bad side and make your people suffer, I hope you know what you're going against!" An old martial artist spoke for the human side.

"Divine Crane Fighter, who is that old bastard? His aura is no weaker than mine. And he seems to know much," the North Monster King asked while glaring at the old martial artist.

"My king, the old man is probably an elder of the Heavenly Palace Sect. He should be a powerful cultivator of the Wonder Realm. He might even be very close to the Grand Realm." The Divine Crane Fighter was very familiar with different forces of the human martial artists. His informers were all over the south of the human territory.

"According to what you know, if I were to fight him, how will it end?" The North Monster King had no idea how powerful the martial artist was. Before anything else, he wanted to know as much as he could about the old man.

"You are a level nine king, and you have also mastered the inheritance skill. Therefore, if you start a fight with him, of course you will win," the Divine Crane Fighter answered. The North Monster King was pleased to hear the delightful information. However, t

ld dare to do so? If he starts the fight, even if I don't tell my sect the news, the top leader of the demonic monsters won't let him off so easily."

Silence fell over the rest of the martial artists. After a few moments, one of them curiously prodded, "Can you tell us what the agreement was, Elder Star? Is it really so powerful that the North Monster King wouldn't dare break it?"

"The agreement was enacted shortly after we, the Heavenly Palace Sect, won the war against the demonic monsters years ago. You don't need to know the details," the old man indifferently answered.

He was very powerful and he was also an important man of the Heavenly Palace Sect, so the others didn't risk asking more questions.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to both the two conflicting sides, something was happening under their noses.

Darren dragged Bruce, who was pretending to be unconscious, as he slowly trudged towards the end of the demonic monster army. They were both still demonic monsters in appearance, thus they wouldn't be able to cross to the human side. The best course of action they could take was to get out in secret.

However, right before they got to a spot where the demonic monsters wouldn't see them, Bruce's bloodline force started acting up.

His whole body began to convulse and his face contorted in pain. His body was shrinking at a rapid pace.

"Damn it! Come on Bruce, hold it just a little bit longer!" Darren grew more and more agitated and his pace quickened with every step he took.

Within a few seconds, the bloodline force had completely worn off; Bruce appeared as a human once again.

All of it was seen by a demonic monster who was standing by the edge of the monster army. The worst part was that the demonic monster was a level five demonic monster. Darren and Bruce were now completely exposed.

"You two!" the demonic monster roared out as it opened its red bloody mouth.

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