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   Chapter 185 The Demonic Monster Army

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The sound of crunching violated Darren's ears. It was like a hundred bricks crumbling to dust.

The shadow stared at Darren with evil in its eyes. It wore a ghastly smile while chewing the man's fingers.

Darren was shocked at the horrifying scene. This creature's power was so formidable that it had easily crushed the overmatch at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. Looking at its unearthly and strangely patterned face, Darren was sure that it was a demonic monster. Judging by its human-like figure, he thought it was at least at the sixth level.

A level six demonic monster could rival a human cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm.

"Hey, you little ones, what species are you?" the demonic monster asked in human language, much to their surprise.

At present, both Darren and Bruce were in the transformation state. Bruce became a giant ape and Darren a creature with a black carapace and sharp spines on the back.

They looked at each other. 'He must have mistaken us as demonic monsters!' Darren was grateful that it didn't see the truth. If it knew they were human, they would be in big trouble.

The demonic monster was too strong for them. If challenged, their chance to escape was very slim. Just like the bandit it had eaten just now, they wouldn't end well, either.

Darren responded to the demonic monster carefully, "My Lord, he is the seed of the ape and I am the seed of the ox." Darren made up his answer on the spot because his appearance may look something like the five level demonic monster he killed before. He thought that it would be believable.

He tried to hide the fact that he was still uneasy, afraid of blowing their cover.

"What? Then why do you speak in human language?" the demonic monster spoke with doubt in its voice. It lifted its eyebrows, the color of the patterns on its face changing constantly.

'Crap!' Darren knew he had made a mistake. Darren's skin crawled with the weight of the predicament. It was a fact that a common demonic monster couldn't exist in a human-like figure or talk in human language. His utterance had very likely exposed them.

"My Lord, I was captured by humans once when I was young, and I learned their language at that time." In a split second, he reacted fast and seemed to have set the story straight.

The demonic monster looked at him in confusion. "Humph! I presume what you said is true. However, I can clearly see him being the seed of the ape, but how could you be the seed of the ox? No sharp black spines appear on their backs!"

'Has it seen through us?' Darren couldn't calm his nerves. While he kept the conversation going, he started to warm up the demon core and the sword core in his belly to prepare for the desperate fight, should it come to that. Ev

d there was no way he could take them on. The only thing he could do was prevent their real identities from being discovered.

He listened closely to the leading demonic monster's instructions. They planned to meet at the Holy Cave to slaughter the people gathering there.

He guessed the Holy Cave must be the Fire Cave.

It was impossible to escape now. Thus, Darren and Bruce could do nothing but mingle with the crowd and act like they belonged there. They wouldn't risk running away until they found the right opportunity.

However, there was another thing Darren was worried about. The bloodline force inside Bruce wouldn't last forever. At some point, Bruce would regain his human appearance once he couldn't hold the transformation anymore. If that happened, their real identities would be discovered.

"Bruce, hang in there," Darren whispered to him.

Darren noticed Bruce's tall body begin to shiver, which was an indication that his bloodline force was almost gone.

Bruce nodded to Darren, his sharp teeth biting his lips hard. He held on with all his strength.

A rumble arose as all the demonic monsters started to move at once.

At the command of the leading demonic monster, the mega-sized demonic monster army marched out of the canyon toward the Fire Cave.


In the north of the demonic monster domain, many people gathered at the foot of a dark, barren mountain. Some powerful cultivators were among them.

They were the strong human warriors from around the world. It seemed that they were guarding a cave in the mountain against something forthcoming.

Suddenly, the earth shook as the dull roar of the coming threat drew near.

In the distance, a dark mass of bodies were coming toward the cave. The ground was covered with shadows as the sun was obscured by countless giant figures flying overhead.

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