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   Chapter 184 Delicious Human Body

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After Elsa was sent back to the Lotus Holy Land, she immediately went to her master's residence. Elsa was desperately looking for a cure as she felt that her sword core was injured. Her sword intent was also starting to hurt her meridians.

An hour after Elsa arrived, Hayes also came out of the transmission array in rags. The two successive fluctuations in the array caught Colin's attention.

"Hayes, how come you both came back early? What's going on?"

Colin was beyond puzzled as he examined Hayes from head to toe. His clothes were tattered and raggedy. He was familiar with who Hayes was—he was the chief disciple of an elder and a genius in the Wonder Realm. How did he end up looking like a derelict? And what happened to Darren who went with him?

"As soon as we went in, we encountered a level five demonic monster. We were all seriously injured. We have to stay put and heal for more than half a month until we can come back. The demonic monster domain is terrifying." Hayes furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to shake off the horrors they experienced.

"Level five demonic monster! What happened to Darren? Why didn't he come back?" A plethora of questions ran through Colin's mind as he tried to process his disbelief and worry.

Hayes then explained the situation briefly. Hearing that Darren was fine, Colin sighed a breath of relief.

"Darren should be coming back soon. I will go to find my master now. I went out this time without telling him." Hayes cupped his hands and bowed respectfully before leaving.

Colin didn't say anything and just stood in front of the transmission array.

He was eagerly waiting for any sort of fluctuation in the array. An hour later, the rune on the transmission array began to shine. Colin both felt relief and anticipation as he waited for Darren to surface.

To his surprise, however, the rune on the transmission array suddenly became disordered and exploded in a puff of smoke.

"Oh, my God, the transmission array is broken!"


In the demonic monster domain

Darren was speechless as he looked at the jade card blown into ashes in his hand. He wanted to pour in the jade card spiritual energy to send Bruce back, but Bruce refused and insisted on following him. As Bruce resisted the transmission, the jade card blew up and the transmission array of the Holy Land got destroyed.

"Shit, I don't know how to get back now!" Darren sighed in frustration.

"Sorry!" Bruce lowered his head apologetically, knowing that he had caused Darren trouble.

"Forget it, it's all done anyway. We should take a look at this demonic monster domain, instead," Darren murmured nonchalantly.

He took out the map Hayes left and tried to comprehend the details. He studied it briefly and got a ge

ruce's back.


Bruce's body was thrust forward, but he wasn't blown far away. He quickly recovered and turned around and hit the man with a powerful blow.

"What a defense! What a strong body!" the bandit exclaimed. He was surprised that Bruce had the strength of a beginner in the Wonder Realm because he could sense that Bruce was not in this realm.


The man dodged Bruce's attack, and, from his hand, threw two darts shining with green lights at Bruce.


A dart pierced Bruce's thick arm, making him roar with anger. Black blood was flowing out of his wound. The dart was covered with poison!

Angered by the poisoned darts, Darren transformed into a fiend and rushed towards the man.

'Huh? Another monster?' The man pondered over Darren's transformation.

'I have to kill him before he unleashes his Omnipotent Talent Skill!' Darren decided. If the man unleashed this, killing him would become harder.

"Humph! Die!" The man threw another dart towards Darren.


"What? I can't break his defense!" The man was appalled. He used 80 percent of his strength to throw the darts but it was merely shattered into pieces instantly by the monster in front of him.

"Now, you know who will die!" Darren unleashed his demonic internal force with his sword and blade intents.

However, he was halted from his actions as he was taken aback by the next events.

A very fast shadow grabbed the grumpy man. What happened next made Darren stare with his eyes wide open. He stopped the energy emerging from his body and bounced a few steps back.

The shadow held the man in his hands and squeezed out the man's internal organs. Then it gnawed at the man's body at an extremely fast speed, and devoured more than half of it in the blink of an eye.

"Ha, what a delicious human body. I love it!"

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