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   Chapter 183 Bloody Battle

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"Oh no, this is bad!" Darren exclaimed. Darren feared for Elsa's safety if she used her Omnipotent Talent Skill. Elder Brenda had warned her of the damage it could do to her. She had advised her not to use it rashly before she got stable at the Wonder Realm. Elsa had reached the Wonder Realm very quickly with the help of the sword core and Brenda's valuable natural sources. Her body had not yet adapted to the intensity that realm required.

"Retreat, Elsa!" Darren shouted.

But it was too late. Strong winds blew under a big, dark cloud, forming a giant whirlpool because of the endless sword intent.

As a swordsman, Elsa's Omnipotent Talent Skill was terribly strong.


The mighty sword intent descended like a huge wave that crashed into the level five demonic monster.


Feeling Elsa's overwhelming power, the demonic monster thrashed until it managed to escape the control of Hayes's Omnipotent Talent Skill.

"Hiss!" Darren gasped at the demonic monster's strength. Even the Shackle Rule released by Hayes's Omnipotent Talent Skill was not able to trap it!

As the demonic monster freed itself, its force sent Hayes flying backward toward the wall of the cliff. Blood spurted out of his mouth as his body smashed against the hard surface, motionless. The other three disciples from the Lotus Holy Land with lower realms fared worse. Just the excess force of the demonic monster was enough to drive them into a coma.

Seeing the emergent situation, Darren was mostly worried about Elsa's safety. He transformed himself into a fiend directly and used his Spirit Power to trigger the Rule of the Earth he had comprehended not too long ago. Now, Darren's body was strong enough to withstand an attack from a Wonder Realm master at the primary stage.

At the same time, he activated his blade intent and sword intent and launched a full attack at the level five demonic monster to complement Elsa's Omnipotent Talent Skill.

"Whoa, am I so powerful?" Darren thought aloud. Even he was surprised with his own strength. His blade intent seemed to have improved so much! The combined power went far beyond his expectations.

The whole valley shuddered violently and the surrounding mountains started to collapse. Even the dense mist suspended above the valley was also dispersed because of the fluctuations of the tremendous force. It looked as if the valley was about to fall into doom.


Tens and hundreds of sword radiant evolved from Elsa's Sky Shaking Sword Array, all of which lashed on the monster, searing it with pain.

In a rage, the demonic monster lifted its claw and hit Elsa through the air. A terrible stream of power shot at her. Immediately, her face turned ghastly pale and her body hung in the air as if suspended by a thread.

At that moment, a black figure shot into the sword array at lightning speed. The endless blade and sword intent aided by forceful demonic internal force frightened the demonic monster.

It howled.

Elsa took advantage of the distraction. As the demonic monster's attention was turned towards Darren's force, she used her sword intent to rip the monster's hard fur apart. Fr

used three times, just enough for you three," Darren explained.

Colin gave the jade card to Darren before they came here in the case of an emergency. Using such an item could badly affect the transmission array. Worse, it could even damage the transmission runes themselves and destroy the array. Ordinary disciples could never possess such kind of jade card. Also, the jade card would not work if its owner was under attack.

"No. You have to come back with us. Forget the Fire Cave," Elsa begged as she wrapped her arms around Darren.

"Listen to me, Elsa. Your sword core was damaged and this is very serious. You have to go back and tend to it immediately," Darren replied firmly.

"As for me, I have to go to the Fire Cave. I am sure 'it' was there," he continued.

When Darren broke through to the Mysterious Realm, Elsa also saw how "it" pull Darren through.

"Are you talking about that terrifyingly powerful fiend who wore the black armor?" Elsa asked. She immediately recalled that black shadow she saw that day.

"Yes. That's what I'm talking about. I have to go to the Fire Cave to try to find it," he replied. Darren wanted to find out why the mysterious powerful fiend helped him that day.

"Alright then, I am going. You take care! If you come back with even so much as a scar, I swear, I will not forgive you!" Elsa said in a huff.

"Haha, I won't." Darren woke Bruce and Hayes who were both busy healing their wounds in meditation and told them that he was going to send them back to the Holy Land.

Hayes had been so stressed after experiencing the strength of a level five demonic monster. Without any second thoughts, he immediately agreed to Darren's suggestion.

Darren sent Elsa back first. Half an hour later, he poured his spiritual energy into the jade card and sent Hayes back as well.

Before his departure, Hayes expressed his gratitude to Darren and left a map on which details about the most powerful and perilous places were marked. Fortunately, Hayes's treasure bag and the map were undamaged. Without the map, Darren would not have known which way to go.

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