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   Chapter 182 Level Five Demonic Monster

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The noises grew louder and louder.

"These are really the level three demonic monsters!" all of them exclaimed in shock.

Several demonic monsters came into their view.

Even Darren was taken aback when he sensed the strong aura each monster gave off.

Rory had once been beaten up by several level three demonic monsters and lost his consciousness. Darren knew that these creatures were only slightly weaker than Wonder Realm cultivators.

Darren concentrated his mind and detected that at least over twenty demonic monsters were closing in on them and one was stronger than a level three demonic monster.

"Elsa, take the ones on the back; Bruce, you're in charge of the left," Darren instructed.

'The demonic monsters move so rapidly that it's entirely impossible for us to run away. We have no choice but to fight them, ' he thought.

He then dashed towards a demonic monster in front of him.

Hayes stood by his companions as the other three were only at the Mysterious Realm. Based on their current strength, they would most likely end up being torn into pieces if they battled level three demonic monsters on their own.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As Darren kept waving his Purple Thundering Sword, sword intents hit the demonic monster continuously.

The level three demonic monsters had hard skin. In terms of Darren's battle force, he couldn't slice through the demonic monster and was only able to leave a few shallow cuts on them.

The one hundred feet tall demonic monster with two horns fiercely growled in pain.

It retaliated by striking its huge hooves at Darren.

The power it released was almost as strong as the blow Bruce gave after he used his bloodline force.

Owing to the fact that he had achieved abnormally high velocity, Darren was able to dodge the demonic monster's attacks and move freely around it.

He caught a glimpse of Elsa and saw that she had already slain two level three demonic monsters with her formidable sword intent.

'She's gotten much stronger after she entered the Wonder Realm. I'm weaker than her, ' he thought.

While he had the chance, he assimilated the talent of the demonic monsters Elsa and Hayes killed.

Hayes also observed Darren from time to time. He was astonished by his amazing speed and the power of the sword intent he had released.

Darren went straight towards the demonic monster he had been fighting for a long while, and flanked it. He used the sword and blade at the same time at their fullest and struck its neck.


He took off the demonic monster's head and knocked its body to the ground.

Exhausted, he started panting. It took him too much energy to take out the level three demonic monster. Activating the Shadow Lightness had consumed a huge amount of his vital energy.

the third level of Spectral Chop.


After successfully saving the disciple from the level five demonic monster, Elsa, Hayes and Bruce battled it again.

However, the demonic monster was way too strong. Hayes took a hit and was thrown into the air again. Most of his ribs were now broken and he kept coughing blood.

Bruce had been hit and thrown into the air more than once. He had sustained severe injuries and a number of scales on his body were destroyed.

"Omnipotent Talent Skill—Imprisonment Skill!"

Hayes, although still injured, shot at the demonic monster and used his Omnipotent Talent Skill.

"Do it now, guys! I'm holding it still!" he shouted at Elsa and Bruce. He had adopted the Shackle Rule into his Omnipotent Talent Skill, making it possible for him to restrain the much more powerful level five demonic monster. But the stronger his enemy was, the faster his Omnipotent Talent Skill would lose its effect.

Upon hearing this, Elsa flew towards the demonic monster and waved her sword at it. At the same time, the severely injured Bruce growled as he bolted towards their enemy.

Elsa and Bruce simultaneously launched their attacks and struck at the demonic monster.

Bruce ended up getting flung backwards. Elsa furrowed her eyebrows in shock; they were only able to leave a few small scratches on the demonic monster.

The level five demonic monster growled furiously, as it thundered, "You despicable humans! I will kill you all!"

It stomped on the ground, releasing a terrifying powerful force.

"Shit!" Darren abruptly opened his eyes as he sensed the demonic monster unleashing more and more power that could destroy everything in the world.

"Omnipotent Talent Skill—Sky Shaking Sword Array!"

At this critical point, Elsa had no choice but to unleash her sword intent that contained invincible power.

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