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   Chapter 181 Entering The Demonic Monster Domain

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Hearing that, Darren decided to accompany the disciples to the Fire Cave. Then he asked, "Where is the Fire Cave? Do you know anything else about it?"

"The Fire Cave is within the demonic monster domain. It is said that the ancients left a large number of treasures in the cave. It opens every few decades and every time it opens, super masters and superior talents flock there. Besides, I heard that it is not only the masters from the southern land who explore the cave, but masters from the other areas also hunt for treasures in the Fire Cave," said Hayes Su, the young head of the group of Lotus Holy Land disciples.

The demonic monster domain was a dangerous place, but it was full of opportunities.

It was shrouded in mist all year round, and within the domain, numerous hazardous places like morass existed. Besides, the demonic monster domain was filled with strong creatures, who presented the biggest challenge to treasure hunters. Some demonic monsters were so powerful that even the Holy Lords, who were in charge of the Holy Lands, didn't dare to mess with them. But it was a paradise for adventurers. The demonic monster domain was isolated and so rarely explored that it had rich spiritual energy. These special conditions also nourished numerous useful herbs and treasures. The Holy Lords and the Elders of the Holy Lands also sought opportunities to search the cave for valuable items.

Darren had been to the demonic monster domain once before. However, he had no time to explore more areas except for the very outer range.

"When will we leave?" Darren asked. He was tempted by the stories he had heard from the young disciples.

The cave beckoned to Darren not just because of the treasures; he was excited about battling demonic monsters as that would help upgrade his talent degree. After the upgrade, he would be able to comprehend the legendary martial skill, Nine Changes of the Demon, more thoroughly and improve his strength.

"We have to use the transmission array to travel to the demonic monster domain. Darren, would you talk to Colin? He will listen to you since you are a supreme disciple," Hayes said.

"Yeah! You're the most suitable person, Darren. If we tell Colin that we want to use the transmission array to reach the demonic monster domain, he will scold us and throw us out. Only you can persuade him," another disciple added.

Darren smiled. He realized why they had waited for him for so long. It was because they needed him to persuade Colin to let them use the transmission array.

"Okay, I'll sort that out," Darren replied.

Upon heari

ain all year round." Hayes had done a lot of research on the demonic monster domain before they set off. He knew that powerful robbers and thieves lived in this domain all year round to hunt for treasures. When they met weaker cultivators, these robbers and thieves would kill them and keep the treasures.

"Dozens of groups of robbers and thieves live in the demonic monster domain. The heads of the four biggest groups are at the medium stage of the Wonder Realm. They are hard to deal with. So we'd better leave and not mess with them."

"Shush!" As Hayes spoke, Darren put his finger in front of his mouth as a gesture to tell them to be quiet. He had sensed a threatening aura approaching them.

After Darren's Spirit Power reached level nine, he could expand his sense to cover a range of more than a dozen miles, which was farther than the sense range of cultivators who had reached the beginning stage of Wonder Realm.

"The creature is fast."

Darren alerted the group. As it had neared, Elsa and Hayes could also perceive the powerful aura, but they were unable to tell what it was.

"Oh? Something is wrong. Why do I feel that the aura is coming from different directions?" Darren was a little surprised.

Just then, heavy footsteps were heard. By now, the creatures were close enough to be seen. Although the mist still covered them, the disciples were able to tell that the figures were one hundred feet tall.

"They are demonic monsters! And they are above level three!" The expression on the faces of all disciples changed.

From the magnitude of the quaking earth, they could estimate the strength of the demonic monsters. They were also able to tell that several demonic monsters were heading their way.

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