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   Chapter 180 Big News About The Fire Cave

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Darren fixed his eyes on Elsa, who was lying on the bed. Dressed in purple, with a delicate flush on her cheeks, she looked beautiful. After she had reached the Wonder Realm, Elsa exuded an unworldly aura. In his eyes, she was a goddess.

He intended to play a joke. But at this moment, he was attracted to Elsa and couldn't take his eyes off of her. Slowly, Darren made his way toward the bed.

Perching himself on the corner of the bed, Darren leaned forward to touch her long black hair fondly.


Someone coughed, ruining the moment.

Darren jumped to his feet instantly. When he turned, he saw that an old woman stood in the room.

"I didn't want to disturb you, but I have something important to tell Elsa. I hope you will not be upset with me, Darren," the old woman said. When she smiled, her wrinkles deepened. Darren noticed that she had no teeth.

"Excuse me, but may I ask your name?" Darren asked, looking bewildered.

Before the intruder could speak, Elsa's voice resounded in the room.

"M... Master?" Dumbfounded, she asked, "What happened to you? How did you end up like this?"

She was certain that the old woman was her master. 'Master used to look like a beautiful woman in her early thirties. How did she grow old suddenly?' she thought, confused. All of a sudden, a thought occurred to her. Tears welled up in her eyes immediately.

"You saved me when I almost lost my life in the process of breaking through into the Wonder Realm," Elsa said with mixed emotions.

"Don't feel bad about what happened. It was my fault. I shouldn't have let you integrate that sword core. I was so excited to find a genius like you that I ignored the risk of integrating the sword core. I didn't expect the yellow sword core to possess such strong power that it could take your life," Elsa's master responded with self-reproach.

Darren's eyebrows rose as he figured out what was happening.

"I'm sorry, Master," Elsa said with guilt as she looked at the old woman's wrinkled face. Elsa's nose twitched when she recalled what happened before she lost consciousness during the breakthrough.

"Child, I'm fine. I am over 500 years old, and I am supposed to look like this. I have no regrets in this lifetime as I have met you and accepted you, a disciple who has a talent for swordsmanship. Although the remaining half of my sword core broke, it doesn't shorten my lifespan. I can live another 100 years. So don't be upset," the old woman comforted Elsa. Then she walked toward the bed and patted Elsa's back reassuringly.

"But..." Elsa mumbled, still feeling guilty.

The day Elsa had been accepted as an inner disciple

e Bruce tried to stop were the inner disciples who had proposed to team up with him.

"Guys, don't be mad at him. He bears you no evil will. He is introverted," Darren explained as he walked toward his visitors while asking Bruce to go back to sleep.

"Darren, your friend is so savage. I would have taught him a lesson if he had nothing to do with you," the injured disciple responded. Despite that, there was a dash of fear in his eyes as he stared at Bruce's retreating figure.

Darren smiled and asked, "So what brings you here?"

"We came here to inform you that we are leaving for the Fire Cave. We have been waiting for you. You left so many days ago. We thought we had missed the deadline. But, today we heard some big news about the Fire Cave. Many superior talents are headed there."

"I heard that some geniuses of the top 100 on the Talent Roll were going to the cave. So we planned to go there as well. We came to invite you to join us. If the cave has treasures, perhaps we can get what the other talents missed," another disciple added with a grin.

"Don't be so optimistic," said the strongest youth among the four visitors. "I heard that there was an explosion in the Fire Cave a few days ago, and some rare treasures appeared. Several Wonder Realm cultivators left to investigate after hearing the news. But, no one has heard from them since. It's still unknown whether they are alive or dead.

It is also rumored that someone saw a weird man in black armor killing others madly. If we are going there, we must be well prepared."

"A weird man in black armor?" Darren repeated. After hearing this description, Darren speculated that the person the disciple referred to was the terrifyingly powerful fiend that had left that bronze coffin.

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