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   Chapter 179 Elsa's New Breakthrough

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After the whole episode, Darren brought Bruce back to his dwelling in the Lotus Holy Land—his courtyard was spacious enough for hundreds of people, not to mention that he had only the two of them.

Much to his delight, Bruce got a clean and spacious room, just as he'd longed for. The instant bitterness and grief filled his heart. He felt even more grateful to Darren.

After settling Bruce in, Darren brought out the Primitive Stone from his Space Ring and began reading the note Mathew left behind.

To his disappointment, Darren found no information about the usage of the stone on the written note.

"It seems that I have to find a way to use this myself," he muttered.

With the Primitive Stone in his hand, Darren tried to refine it.


Just as Darren's internal force filtered into the Primitive Stone, a stream of inexplicable and appalling power surged into his head—a rampage more powerful than Darren had ever felt in his life.

'Something is wrong. The aura within this stone is similar to the rule force, but much more powerful than any I have connected.

How can I utilize the Primitive Stone to mingle the blade and sword intent?'

With that thought, Darren attempted to release both kinds of intent into the stone.


Darren's countenance changed greatly. Blade intent and sword intent were reflected rather than intertwined when they touched the stone, breaking many of Darren's meridians.

Darren's face turned ghastly pale as he suffered a sharp pain in his meridians. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, he hurriedly put the Primitive Stone back into the Space Ring.

'I have to go to the Starry Tower again to ask Mathew. It's the only way, ' Darren decided, not daring to play at anything randomly.

It was clear in Darren's mind that this Primitive Stone, with the size of a thumb, would be far from enough for him to mingle his blade intent and sword intent. He had no choice but to enter the Raksa Sea to seek more Primitive Stones.

That was no simple task. It required formidable strength to even enter the Raksa Sea.

Considering this, Darren began to try making a breakthrough in his strength.

For the realm, reaching the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm was all he could do. But it was far from enough to go defeat a true Wonder Realm master.

Now, Darren had two options. For one, he could try to comprehend the legendary martial skill—Nine Changes of the Demon.

Anyone who could reach the f

ight. Blinking her pretty eyes at Darren, her orbs brightened like stars.

Instantly feeling repulsed, Bruce withdrew his bloodline force and transformed into his original appearance. Standing there frozen, he watched their intimacy, speechless.

"You've reached the Wonder Realm?" It was astonishing. 'No wonder the sword intent was so forceful, ' he thought. It then wasn't a surprise either how Bruce's blow was also repulsed.

"Mhm," Elsa nodded meekly. "I'll tell you the details next time."

Feeling Elsa's new presence, Darren was heartily glad. But he wondered how Elsa reached the Wonder Realm so easily as her talent was only at the ninth level of the Black Degree.

"Bruce, do come. Elsa is my wife, not an enemy," Darren said to Bruce with deliberate politeness.

"Humph, who gives you the right to call me your wife?" With a soft snort, Elsa leaned against Darren to hide her face, radiantly bashful and overjoyed.

Bowing his head as he walked over, Bruce nodded at Elsa before turning to Darren. "Mas...Darren, I will leave you alone."

With that, he strode away. He had no fondness for making any contact with strangers.

Without saying anything more, Darren held Elsa's hand as they walked into another intact house.

"You naughty girl, you were going to strike your own husband with that improved strength of yours. You deserve some punishment!" As he said it, he lifted Elsa up with ease and tossed her onto the bed.

The instant he did it, Elsa's face flushed and her heart thumped loudly in her chest. She couldn't help but turn red as a tomato as she imagined what was going to happen between her and Darren.

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