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   Chapter 178 Get The Primitive Stone

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"Miss Gu, in the auction house, whoever offers the highest price will get the auction item. Even the most powerful and high-status people are required to follow the rules. I'm sure that nothing untoward will happen. Besides, I'm not afraid to fight anyone if the need arises," Darren confidently assured the lady. His mind was set on taking home the Primitive Stone.

"Fine. Now that you've made up your mind, I'll request for Uncle Harvey to provide you with some guards. They'll leave with you from the back door of the auction house once the auction is over. It's better to avoid unnecessary trouble," Eva replied.

Darren nodded his head in agreement.

Now in the auction house, the young man was sweating a lot, blue veins prominent on his forehead. He couldn't afford to outbid twenty million. Of course his family might have that big sum of money, but his personal belongings were not that much.

"Twenty million going once, going twice," the auctioneer announced as she glanced around the venue, checking to see if there were any last minute bidders. "Sold!"

Darren got the Primitive Stone as expected, but his behavior offended quite a few people. From the first floor, several streaks of powerful spiritual senses were released from the old man in grey robes, the young man cursing, and some other unknown persons, all trying to figure out Darren's cultivation base.

Darren paid them no mind and didn't take their checking to heart. When the Primitive Stone was sent into his private room, he took out thirteen million ink stones and set them onto the table. Eva lent him seven million ink stones and he gave all of them to the clerk.

When the clerk left, he turned to look at Eva to express his gratitude, "I'm so grateful for your help, Miss Gu. I truly appreciate it. I'll return the seven million ink stones that you lent me in three months. I'll take my leave now." Eva accompanied him towards the back door

and let out a small chuckle. "There's no need to return my money in such a hurry. We're friends now," she said with a friendly smile.

Darren nodded and returned her smile with a tender smile of his own, then cupped his hands politely before he left.

He walked towards the inn. He intended to go back to the Lotus Holy Land with Bruce.

"Shit. Someone's following me." Only when he got to a remote place did he sense that someone was following him.

"Young man, give me the Primitive Stone."

The voice was not from the young man who had been angry and kept cursing in the auction house. Instead it was the old man in grey robes who shouted at Darren. The powerful aura from a rule cultivator surrounded him.

"What makes you think that I will give you the stone?" Darren asked in a cold voice, his upper lip curling in disdain.

The old man icily chuckled. "I can kill you easily, so I advise you to just do as I say," he warned as he stared at Darren unblinkingly.

"Oh…" Darren offhandedly quipped. He abruptly waved his blade, prepared to attack the old man at any minute.

"Humph," the old man sighed in displeasure. "You are trying to get yourself killed!" The old man in grey wasn't expecting that Darren would be this hostile and attack him so suddenly. However, he soon adjusted himself and made st

went on eating.

Over the course of ten days, Bruce had changed a lot. At least in front of Darren, he seemed to be like a normal person.

"Bruce, why are you so afraid of that aura I sometimes release?" There were several times in the past few days when Darren tried to release his demonic internal force secretly. Bruce appeared visibly frightened every time.

Bruce froze at the question. After a moment's consideration, he shook his head and finally replied, "I don't really know. I'm just afraid of it."

There were a few seconds of silence, then Bruce spoke out, "Da… Darren, why did you save me?" His voice was a bit hesitant as it was the first time that he called Darren by his name after having been lectured so many times for calling him "Master." Hearing it brought a small smile to Darren's lips.

"I don't really have any specific reason. I just thought that we both suffered a lot, especially you," Darren replied shortly after.

Bruce was overwhelmed with emotions that he was only able to utter a short "Oh." There was grief and anger in his eyes. Bad experiences and memories crept up in his thoughts.

"Bruce, you're eager to find your mother, aren't you?" Darren remembered the day when Clive threatened Bruce with his mother's news.

The expression on Bruce's face was unreadable. A few moments later, he sorrowfully nodded. His hair partially covered his eyes, but Darren saw that they were gleaming with tears.

"Okay. Let's stop talking about the past. Don't worry, Bruce. If we'll have the chance, we'll go to the border and look for your mother." Darren knew the words had little effect on relieving Bruce's sadness, but he just still tried his best.

"But first, we'll go back to the Lotus Holy Land," Darren reassured Bruce, then stood up and headed for the checkout counter. They had been away for many days so it was about time for Darren to go back and see his sister. More importantly, he wanted to see whether Elsa had already finished the closed-door cultivation.

"Okay," Bruce called out. He took a few more big bites from the beast leg and reluctantly caught up with Darren. He really enjoyed that delicious beast leg.

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