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   Chapter 177 Bidding For The Primitive Stone

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Darren familiarized himself with the strength he acquired from the bracers for a while, then he put them away with his armor into his Space Ring. As for the secret of the armor, it was still a mystery to him and he had to explore it more later.

Then, Darren watched the next few rounds of the auction and spent 30, 000 ink stones to buy two pills that he thought might be useful.

According to the auctioneer's introduction, the pill was called the Appearance-changing Pill, which meant that if a person consumed the pill, he would be able to completely alter his appearance. However, it had a tiny flaw—once the person swallowed the pill, he would never be able to revert back to his previous appearance.

Darren brought a lot of ink stones with him so he felt the urge to buy them. After all, they seemed very useful and he intended to give one to Bruce if he wanted to change his appearance and start a new life.

Several rounds passed. In the final round, the Primitive Stone was finally unveiled.

A girl walked on the central platform with a tray made of jade; on it was a stone about the size of a thumb. It was shining in purple and gold.

As soon as the Primitive Stone was presented on the platform, the auction hall grew noisy. It was seen that the buyers were very excited about it and some of them were absolutely determined to get their hands on it.

What exactly was the Primitive Stone? What power did it have? As for these questions, only a few buyers in the hall knew the right answers. The only thing most of them knew was that the Primitive Stone was a rare and precious treasure found in the Raksa Sea.

"Next, the precious and one of a kind Primitive Stone. Bidding starts at three million ink stones. Before the bidding, I'll tell you more about where the Primitive Stone came from and its known functions," the auctioneer introduced.

Upon hearing that, Darren also paid more attention to the auctioneer because getting the Primitive Stone was very important to him and it was a hard-won opportunity to know more about it.

"The Primitive Stone was retrieved by a superior talent with the surname Lin after he passed numerous perils. Due to some special requests, he had someone send it to us and entrusted us to sell it for him. As for its functions, Mr. Lin confided that it was significantly useful to high-level pill refiners as well as the cultivators of the Grand Realm, those who used to only exist in the legends we are taught. There is a possibility that there are pieces of powerful rules hidden inside it. Believe me, any of you would not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity."

After the beautiful girl finished her words, Darren still couldn't figure out why the Primitive Stone was so vital for him to integrate his blade intent and sword intent into one. What caught his attention was that it could have pieces of rules within it. Maybe, it was the solely function that could help him in the integrating.

After the brief introduction, the auction began. The potential buyers started bidding. Although they didn't know its exact functions, they could use it to ing

en million ink stones.

Besides, only a few buyers were left biding for it. Seriously, seventeen million ink stones was an enormous amount of money to anyone from the Holy Land.

The only remaining bidders were the old man in grey robes and a cultivator in luxurious robes.

"Seventeen million and one hundred thousand ink stones." The young cultivator in luxurious robes shouted as beads of sweat were dripping from his forehead down to his eyebrows.

The old man in grey was also beginning to have trouble staying calm. The price was too high and he could no longer afford to bid higher.

"This might be the end of the line for me," the old man in grey sighed.

"Seventeen million and one hundred thousand ink stones! Going once! Going twice!"

"Seventeen million and five hundred thousand."

Darren's voice echoed from the private room above before the auctioneer could call for the third time.

"Damn it!" The youngster in luxurious robes cursed out of rage and viciously glared at Darren's private room.

"Eighteen million!" The youngster clenched his teeth and it seemed that he was also very determined to get his hands on the Primitive Stone.

"Twenty million!" Darren's voice had no signs of holding back and he raised the price to twenty million. His rival might think he had plenty of money to bid for the Primitive Stone. It exerted much more pressure on his rival than if he only raised the price little by little.

"Fuck it!" As the youngster heard the price, he paused for several seconds. Then he cursed aloud with a burning face, steam almost coming out of his ears. Everyone in the hall could hear him.

"No matter which family you belong to, I warn you that though you have the money to buy it, you might lose your life even before you could touch it! Fuck you!" he bellowed towards Darren's private room directly.

Inside the private room, Eva frowned all of a sudden, as if she recognized the youngster. She suggested, "Darren, I suggest that you give up. I can assure you that he is not the kind of person that we can afford to challenge."

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