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   Chapter 176 A Pair Of Bronze Bracers

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By the end of the tenth battle, Darren had broken the record in the Prison Battle Arena.

After collecting his reward of eight million ink stones, he took Bruce out of the Prison Battle Arena and settled in a nearby inn to prepare for the following day's auction.

Along the way to the inn, Bruce looked extremely frightened and would occasionally groan in pain.

It wasn't until they reached the inn that Darren noticed that Bruce's back was studded with steel spikes. Runes were flickering on the spikes. There was no doubt that it was done to him by the Wei family.

Darren channeled his Spirit Power and pulled out the spikes. After the removal, Bruce passed out and Darren took the opportunity to heal his injuries.

The night passed quickly.

Darren discovered that Bruce's injuries were almost completely healed.

Bruce seemed to have a remarkable ability to self-repair and self-heal at will.

Bruce's eyes flew open, darting towards Darren like dark eagle eyes.

"Relax, buddy." Darren tried to calm him down.

Seeing Darren, Bruce jumped up on his feet and leaned against the wall. His face was hidden under his unruly hair, and he couldn't bear to look at Darren.

"You saved me from them. Thank you." After a moment, Bruce spoke with his timid voice.

"Don't mention it, buddy," Darren responded. "It was nothing. I just did what I had to do."

Bruce had never been treated kindly in his entire life, let alone be addressed as buddy. A sour but warm feeling that he had never felt before surged through him.

He huddled up, as if he was lost in thought.

Moments later, he got down on his knees, gave Darren a deep bow and uttered, "Ma-master."

Darren ran over to him, picked him up, and said, "What are you doing, Bruce? We are friends now. You don't have to call me Master. It would just make me think that you despise me."

Bruce's body froze as he heard Darren's sincere words.

When he raised his head, two streams of warm tears rolled down his cheeks.

"We are... friends," he murmured. He never knew what it was like to have a friend.

For as long as he could remember, what he had heard all his life was people calling him a bastard and a brute. He had never heard anyone say so sincerely that he was their friend.

He could not speak clearly, but he knew very well that this young man was completely honest with him.

As a result, Bruce, who never shed tears when facing any amount of pain, cried for the first time in his life.


After a brief chat with Bruce, Darren asked him to rest in the inn to completely regain his strength while he himself went to the auction for the

" explained the old man. "I'll pay 500, 000 ink stones just to have a look at it. But if the guy upstairs bids any higher, it won't be worth it."

"I see." The young man seemed to understand it, but in his heart he did not think the bracers were worth 500, 000 ink stones at all.

"550, 000 ink stones!" Darren bid even higher. He had made up his mind that even if the price reached one million, he would still bid higher for it.

"Humph, bad luck! Let him have it." The gray-robed old man shook his head, thinking he was against a competitive idiot from a rich family, so he simply gave up the bid.

"550, 000 ink stones, going once, going twice, going thrice. Congratulations to the distinguished guest in private room No. 18 on getting this pair of bronze bracers," declared the beautiful female host on the platform. She was overjoyed because she didn't expect that this piece of junk could amount to such a high price.

Soon, several auction house staff members delivered the bracers to Darren's private room, and they took 550, 000 ink stones from Darren's card, and then left.

After getting the bracers, Darren couldn't wait to try them on. He immediately activated his armor, and put on the bronze mask.

Instantly, a piece of black runes shone in Darren's body, and then a strange atmosphere enveloped him.

At the same time, Darren felt that his incomplete armor had enhanced its defense, as well as its capability of improving its owner's cultivation base. It was enhanced many times more than he expected!

'At which level could this armor be? With only two more bracers, its level has risen much more than I expected! Could this suit of armor be at legendary level if it becomes complete one day?!' Darren pondered out of surprise.

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