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   Chapter 175 Broke You Into Pieces

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Carl was emitting an intense power on the battlefield. The audience were all completely stunned. His power was so strong that it felt like the power from that of a master in the Wonder Realm.

According to the rules of the Prison Battle Arena, a cultivator of the Wonder Realm was forbidden from entering the competition as it was a competition exclusive only to those in the Mysterious Realm. A cultivator of the Wonder Realm joining the competition would cause a great imbalance among the competitors.

One blow from a cultivator of the Wonder Realm could easily slay hundreds of fighters at the top level of the Mysterious Realm. The battle would be a complete farce if that were to happen.

"No. I can't allow this battle to continue anymore. You should get off the battlefield," Harvey sternly said.

"What? Why? I've signed the contract, and it isn't right for you to interfere with the battle! You just changed rules to cater to your will! Do you think those audience will agree to this?" Carl roared with anger, and all the audience present clearly heard what had been said.

"What? Get off the battlefield? Fuck off! You son of bitch! I will set fire to the entire battlefield!"

"We must continue the battle, otherwise, I will have to talk with your Gu Clan."

"Boo! Why don't you just admit that you just want to steal our money again, you pig! Fuck you!"

All these audience had high social status and powerful family backgrounds, thus they could afford to watch the battle and gamble off their money. The staff in the Prison Battle Arena did not dare to offend them since it would ruin their reputation and cut down their financial resources. No one would be able to take responsibility for the problem.

Harvey sweat heavily as he heard the roar of the crowd.

The audience didn't really care about whether those competitors would be in danger or not. All they cared about was the giddiness they felt from the excitement of being able to witness a young man of the Wonder Realm fight on the battlefield.

However, if the Prison Battle Arena allowed those competitors of the Wonder Realm and the Mysterious Realm to fight each other, it would break the rules. They didn't know what they would do if more and more competitors of the Wonder Realm entered the battles in the future. If the staff of the arena didn't set a limit on the competitors' cultivation stage, they were afraid that a large number of cultivators of the Wonder Realm would flow into the battle and deliberately aim for the ink stones. In the worst case, it would attract cultivators of a much higher realm. The entire Prison Battle Arena would completely be out of balance, and it would have a bad influence on their profit.

Harvey firmly shook his head, and said, "No. You have reached the Wonder Realm, therefore you're forbidden to fight." After thorough consideration, Harvey thought that it would be improper of him to let Carl proceed to the battle. Even if he would offend the audience present here, he still could ask his powerful clan members to suppress them. But if he permitted fighters of the Wonder Realm to enter the battle, the entire Prison Battle Arena would be in a complete mess. He would rather offend the au

sted. "What happened? Why didn't those shadows combine?" he exclaimed. The connection between him and Avatar Rule in his spiritual sense was completely broken off.

"Go to hell!" Darren yelled.

He went into action and wielded both his sword and blade at the same time. To make sure that his attack would be effective, Darren decided to use the inheritable skill again.

Darren and his avatar charged towards Carl with tremendously intense power.

In a panic, Carl tried to control the shadows that didn't merge together, his eyes filled with terror.

He then heard the thundering sounds of the sword and blade intents behind him. In the blink of an eye, he was enveloped by Darren's power. A shadow suddenly appeared and swiftly spun around him.


The eight shadows merged with Darren's avatar and a tremendous power broke out. The impact was so immensely powerful that the battlefield was shattered, numerous pieces of stones flying in the air.

Once Darren destroyed Carl's Omnipotent Talent Skill, Carl could barely sustain the blade and sword intents. As a final effort, Darren's real body wielded the sword in the sky. It was so fast that it was nearly invisible to the naked eye. He then cut off all the meridians inside Carl's body, down to even the smallest one.

After a few seconds that felt like a few eternities to the audience, Carl fell on the ground covered in blood. His eyes were wide open and unblinking. He was paralyzed, just as Darren promised. He would never be able to stand on his own feet again.

"I did say that I will destroy you. And I did it," Darren coldly said. He kicked Carl off the battlefield, flew towards the sky, and landed on top of the grandstand.

"He won!"

"He was invincible!"

"So impressive!"

The audiences on the grandstand were so thrilled that some of them nearly fainted and fell on the floor. They never expected that a fighter of Mysterious Realm could really defeat a master of Omnipotent Talent Skill. It was unbelievable and unheard of that the whole arena erupted into thunderous cheers and applause as they declared Darren a legendary being in martial history.

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