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   Chapter 174 Meet Bruce Again (Part Two)

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Darren did not respond to his question.

Harvey assumed his silence to be a yes.

He didn't expect any of this to happen. Besides, it was his responsibility to deal with the situation and make sure that everything went on as planned. The fight could not go on as they promised, but the audience would not accept it.

"Darren, if the fight has to stop then we will only have to pay you half of the reward. Are you willing to accept that?" Harvey asked.

A moment ago, Harvey had heard Bruce concede from the fight and obviously, Darren was supposed to obtain the reward of eight million ink stones if he could defeat Bruce on the platform with one fist. So now he was attempting to negotiate with Darren by offering him only half of the promised reward.

"I don't care. You can do as you like."

Now Darren already had a few million of ink stones and he believed it was more than enough to buy the Primitive Stone in tomorrow's auction. What he was currently worried about was how he would be able to take Bruce away with him. What Bruce was suffering from now reminded him of his own miserable memories. And he couldn't help but feel very sorry for him.

"Bruce, how are you feeling? Can you stand up and go with me? I will not fight you. Let's get out of here together," Darren lowered himself beside Bruce and asked him in a low voice in fear of frightening him.

"No, no! I...lose. It hurts..." Hearing Darren's words, Bruce was still obviously terrified.

Darren knew for sure that Bruce would be mistreated badly if he failed to win a great amount of ink stones. And Darren also could tell that Bruce had been treated badly and that was why he was behaving very oddly right now.

"Let's go, come with me. You don't have to be afraid. Trust me and follow my lead," Darren instructed Bruce with the most gentle voice.

"Humph! Are y

serve as the witness. No one can stop you from taking that young wounded man away with you if you win. You have my word. Don't worry about it," Harvey assured Darren.

"Fine!" Darren replied without any expression.

"Once you start the fight, you can no longer change your mind. A moment ago the winner from yesterday refused to fight you and I broke the rules of the Prison Battle Arena by letting him go. Now that you have agreed to fight, you have to push through with it. Otherwise, the Prison Battle Arena will chase and kill the man who violates the rules at any cost. Even I have no power to change this," Harvey explained to Darren. After all, the Prison Battle Arena was under the control of the Gu Clan. And their reputation was very important to them which meant he couldn't change the rules as he pleased.

"That shouldn't be a problem," Darren answered him and jumped onto the fighting platform!

"Ha ha! You stinker! I hope you know that you are about to die!" Carl Wei also jumped onto the fighting platform as he burst out all of his powerful aura.

At that moment, the whole arena became quiet and all the people were focused on him as they had sensed the powerful aura of a cultivator at the Wonder Realm!

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