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   Chapter 173 Meet Bruce Again (Part One)

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It was the tenth fight and everyone's attention was focused on the platform.

In order to attract more people to watch the fight, the Prison Battle Arena declared to delay the tenth fight roughly until two hours later than originally planned.

Soon, Darren's opponent came out to the stage.

A figure walked out of a black iron door with an iron chain in his hand. On the other end of the chain was a young boy with long black hair.

Seeing the young boy, Darren felt a great sense of familiarity with him.

He thought about it for a while then shouted out loud, "It's Bruce!"

"Shit! Come on out quicker!"

At that moment, Bruce was shackled with a black iron chain around his neck and was dragged by another young man like he was his dog. That man kept kicking him as if Bruce was his disobedient pet.

"What's going on? Why are they treating Bruce like that? Why won't he stand up for himself?"

Seeing what was happening, Darren felt intense anger surging through him.

That man dragged Bruce further to the fighting arena.

"Behave yourself well and make some money for me! If you lose, I will make you suffer a lot! Don't disappoint me, you bastard!"

The young man kept speaking arrogantly as he also lashed Bruce with the whip in his hand. Then all of a sudden, a sword was waved and the whip was cut in half.

"Stop doing that right now! If you continue to beat him like that, I will have no other choice but to kill you!" Darren exclaimed with an extremely cold voice.

After his fight with Bruce the other day, Darren knew that Bruce had been hurt badly and that he was in no condition to fight. Judging by the attitude of the chief of the Wei Clan towards Bruce, Darren knew that Bruce would be maltreated even more harshly after that. But he never expected that Bruce would be sent to the Prison Battle Arena to make money for others.

Now Darren just realized that the genius who won nine battles in a

to see for himself what everyone was complaining about.

On the fighting platform, the young man was still beating Bruce who still refused to fight.

Darren moved and rushed towards the young man. He seized his neck and threatened him. "Do you really want to die?" Darren asked with a cold expression in his face.

The young man widened his eyes and had no strength to fight back at all.

"Get out!"

Darren threw him away with ease.

"You! Wait for me!" The young man staggered outside the arena.

"Darren. Could you explain what is going on here?" Harvey Gu came to the platform in a hurry and asked.

"Nothing important. But I am certain that this fight is not going to happen," Darren replied coldly. But Harvey's confusion didn't disappear.

"Lose. I... I lose!" Bruce said inarticulately while curled up in the corner.

"You admit defeat before the fight even starts?" Harvey was surprised. How did Bruce, the genius who was unrivaled the previous day, become the coward he was today?

"I have fought with him before and he is in no condition to fight me now," Darren explained to Harvey briefly.

"What do you mean? Is it because he has been defeated by you before? Is that why he is so frightened?" Harvey turned and asked Darren again. His face turned pale.

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