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   Chapter 171 A Former Master Of Wonder Realm (Part Two)

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With a jar in his hand, he was only busy with drinking alcohol all through, as if alcohol was the only thing around. He even did not spare time to cast a look at Darren, which angered some audience.

However, Darren remained calm to assess the opponent. At first, Darren used his spiritual sense to feel the strength of that man, then his eyebrows twitched in surprise.

Feeling amused, he suddenly realized how powerful he was. Of course, he would not be tasked for the ninth game if he was not powerful, but his abilities still surprised the young lad. The man in front of him used to be a master of Wonder Realm. Then caused by injury or other factors, his cultivation base turned back to the top level of the Mysterious Realm. To Darren, he was someone respectable and powerful enough, unlike what the audience perceived.

'This kind of person is indeed very hard to deal with. This is going to be a long fight, ' Darren thought worriedly.

His fighting skill, physical fitness and cultivation method were much powerful than those of a cultivator in the Mysterious Realm. That was not an easy thing to obtain as it was something to be proud of as a cultivator. You can never judge a person by his appearance.

Although his cultivation base reduced for some reason, he was still a superb fighter. Despite the drunk-man act he portrayed, Darren could still know how powerful he was. It was an advantage for him.

'I still need to fight him. I need more of the reward so I must win. I am wondering if he can use Omnipotent Talent Skill. If he could, it would be difficult for me to defeat him. It is way beyond my abilities. I have to at least use my Blood Dragon Illusion to fight against him, ' Darren thought carefully. Gladly that he could contemplate about the situation as the middle-aged man was still idling.

Then it occurred to him that the man who broke the record yesterday was also pretty strong. Darren could not help but be anxious.

"No, I need to win. This fight would waste my energy to a large extent, thus to win the tenth one would be much harder for me. I cannot lose just like

ere allowed to bet on Darren was eighty thousand ink stones.

Despite the drunk man's facade, his power was known to a lot of cultivators. Otherwise, he wouldn't have once entered the Wonder Realm if he was nothing. So most of the people tended to bet on the winebibber, but there were still many people who chose to make a reckless move and bet on Darren, as they were entertained with his previous fights. The price ceiling of Darren was pretty high. If he won, the Prison Battle Arena would need to pay at least twenty million ink stones. That was a heavy loss to the arena.

"Darren told me to bet on himself on every fight with the highest price. Now he has won 1.6 million ink stones. If he wins this time, that would be another 1.6 million ink stones," said Jaya as his gaze was focused on Darren.

"Ha. How feisty. That boy really feels good about himself," Harvey hissed. On second thoughts, he ordered again to reduce the price ceiling of Darren to forty thousand ink stones, in case Darren would really win and the arena would lose too much money.

At the arena, Darren was already poised for a big fight. On the other side, something like truculence flickered over the winebibber's eyes after he took a few shots of spirits. Darren could not help but be alert and tightened his guard.

The ninth fight was about to start, and the crowd gradually fell into silence with anticipation.

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