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   Chapter 170 A Former Master Of Wonder Realm (Part One)

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Their sword intents were so subtle yet powerful. Witnessing the fight, no one would ever dare to challenge the two. It was a tremendous moment for them.

The arena where they were fighting at was quivering ceaselessly. If it wasn't for the protection set around the battlefield, at least a half of the audiences present would be killed by their sword intents. The fight was like a do-or-die for the audience, but to Darren and Amati, it was only an exhibition match.

At that moment, they all fought like a man and sword in one, with no hidden tricks. It was intended for a one-blow fight.

To everyone's surprise, that masked young man was such a superb fighter. Their curiosity sparked upon seeing Darren's abilities.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The sound of clashing swords could be heard without end, too fast to be seen by naked eyes of the crowd.

After a while, two powerful sword intents disappeared abruptly. Two figures loomed into people's view, and one of them was holding a sword against the other's throat. It was Amati whose throat was on the verge of being slit.

"Alright. I acknowledge. You've got me beaten there. I lost to you," sighed Amati in admiration as he made a bow with hands folded in front. He was lost for words as he was shocked by Darren's mastery degree of the sword. In short, Darren had achieved something that he always longed for. With acceptance, he flashed a genuine smile at Darren.

"That was a good fight, and I feel lucky to win it," said Darren as he slipped his sword back into the Space Ring. At the back of his mind, he was relieved that the match was over already.

"I knew it from the start that I will be defeated. Darren, with all due respect, can you give me some guidance some other day?" said Amati with his eyes filled with eagerness. Upon witnessing Darren's sword intent, he knew that Darren was the key for him to be more powerful.

"If I get a chance, I will. But now, I have something urgent to do with. I'm afraid it won't be delayed further. So this way, please," said Darren as he gave a sign to motion Amati to get down from the arena. His seventh fight was victorious, making the audiences admired him.

"Okay then, it is a deal!"

ll have a long life ahead. If you choose to continue the fight, you will have to confront one of them at random. Please think carefully before you make the decision," Harvey said to Darren as a warning. As much as he wanted for Darren to fight, he did not wish for him to die on this match, so he told Darren such things.

"I said I do! I will fight," said Darren coldly, then he turned around and flew into the arena. He was quite pissed off as he thought that the person in charge was underestimating him. He took a deep sigh to calm himself.

However, to win nine times in a row was not his final goal—he wanted more. The two million ink stones were not enough for him. Not because of greed but because only in this way could he win enough money to buy the Primitive Stone. It was given a starting price of three million ink stones. No one could predict how much the price would rise up to. He would not be affected by the warning he received earlier easily, as he was firm in his resolute.

At the arena, Darren's ninth rival showed up. The cheering went louder upon his entrance.

The rival was a middle-aged man with a scraggly beard, stinking with alcohol. Some even booed him, not knowing how powerful his strength was. He hobbled into the arena. It was apparent that he had crippled one of his legs. This made everyone took him as a joke, as his physique did not appear to be that strong. They could not believe that he was a former Wonder Realm cultivator.

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