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   Chapter 169 Competition Of Sword Skill (Part Two)

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"Haha!" Amati tittered. "Are you getting scared already?"

Amati burst his sides with laughter as he heard Darren's words, though he tried hard to maintain his image as a learned and refined man. Of course, he would never do something to ruin the image that he took care for many years, especially against a young lad.

"You will not kill me because it's a pity? Fight one blow? Is there a loose screw in your head?" Amati laughed so hard that he nearly wetted himself. He was thinking, 'This kid has some guts. How can I be killed by this kid who still has milk on his lips? He will die in my hands.'

"You two talked too much! Fuck, fight! Cut the craps."

"Correct, don't waste the fucking time. Amati, beat him! Kill him in a stroke! I have thirty thousand ink stones on your win!"

The audience were starting to lose their patience. It would be a brilliant match if Amati had more fights after defeating Darren. They were too impatient to continue waiting for Amati to finish the current match. To them, Darren was just another man out of many waiting to be beaten publicly.

Despite the crowd's shriek, Darren couldn't help but contemplate a little. His words made sense for himself. He felt Amati was the same level as Jack, so no doubt he would win the match if he exerted his whole power, but it would consume a lot of his energy.

After all, Darren's ultimate goal was to earn enough money to attend the Primitive Stone auction held the next day. A quick fight would suit him best, so he tried to offer it to Amati. But of course, Amati would not sit still.

"Are you downplaying my strength?" Darren snapped coldly which instantly made the crowd silent. They were distracted in just a snap as an extraordinarily powerful sword intent was released, suppressing Amati.

Amati stopped his laughter the instant Darren released his sword intent which made his face change color. He tried to surpass Darren's power, but it was no good. This time, Darren was now on the lead.

"You, you..." Amati was lost and speechless. There was a loo

ting a murderous atmosphere. No one could utter a word. Everyone felt as if a sharp blade edge had pushed against his throat; the aura was horribly powerful.

"Downpour Swordsmanship!"

Avoiding intimidation, Amati also made a move. Even though he knew from the start what the result would be, he would still fight for his image as a refined, powerful swordsman who had reached the middle level of the preliminary sword intent. Endless sword intent released from his soft sword dashing at Darren.

'The speed of his sword is very fast! I could barely dodge it if it weren't for my capabilities. It's completely above the level of my Profound Nine Sword Skills! What a relief that I suggested a one-blow match, ' Darren thought here and now as he fought and assessed Amati's strength. It wasn't an easy match for him either.

"But I still have a trick in my hands. We will see who is faster!" Darren used his spiritual sense and used the Wind Rule. His figure completely vanished among the endless sword intent, not leaving a single trace.

Silence fell over the Prison Battle Arena once again. Everyone was blank-faced, waiting for the result of the collision of the extraordinary powerful sword intent. Was the match already over? Was Darren defeated? Everyone was left hanging and gasping in suspense. Holding their breath, they waited, even without a blink.

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