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   Chapter 168 Competition Of Sword Skill (Part One)

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"Oh, that young man? He is named as Amati," Harvey Gu said with a proud smirk. Even Harvey, the middle-aged man who was in charge of the Prison Battle Arena, was astonished of Amati. Rumors about him circling around made an impression to Harvey.

"Uncle Harvey, who is Amati? You seem to be fascinated about him." Eva didn't know Amati, but she could feel the faint sword intent exuded from him. The energy emitted was too intense that it created a blistering aura around.

"Well, you'd better ask Jaya. He has watched Amati's fights before, so he knows him better than I do. Amati just seems very unique to me," Harvey said with a smile to Eva. His answers made Eva more curious about Amati. On the other hand, Jaya could only shake his head upon hearing Harvey's comment.

Jaya's hand went to his face to stroke his handlebar, his tiny eyes half-closed. "It's a tough thing to deal with. Mark my words. It's very difficult for that lad to beat Amati," Jaya said with a grin, underestimating Darren.

"Really? Why? That's interesting. How powerful is Amati's strength on earth? You two are very fond of him," Eva asked and stared at Amati. She couldn't exactly pinpoint what they meant.

"I have seen him fight several times in the eighth game, but I never saw him use his sword. Isn't it amazing? He must have been trained well. I wonder who could be his trainer. Earlier, I got the message that he was a talent from the Void Holy Land after I made a lot of inquiries about him. He came here in the hope of improving his fighting capacity, he was not an outlaw in the slightest. What amuses me the most is that he is not here to boast about his strength, but to improve himself," Jaya said, his tiny eyes still half-closed. "However, I also heard a whisper that he could have reached the Wonder Realm half a year ago, but he gave up. I'm not able to know the reasons yet," Jaya continued.

With eyes widened, Eva and Harvey were both astonished at the news. The man was not someone to be belittled on.

For everyone, it was what he wanted in the dream to break through the Wonder Realm if he had reached the

stage of the Mysterious Realm. After all, there was too much disparity between their realms.

"Ha, you can sense the realm of my sword intent. This is going to be fun. You are also at the middle level of the preliminary blade intent, aren't you?" Finally, Amati became serious and he straightened out his thinking, 'That lad must have reached the same level as my sword intent. It must be the resonance between the same level of sword and blade intent that made him sense my sword intent. It has been a while since I met someone who is on a par with my strength.'

With his words, Amati's white robe blew in the wind as a stream of tremendous sword intent was released. It was too sudden that the people around gasped in surprise.

Standing opposite Amati, a hint of a smile crept onto Darren's lips. Darren didn't bulge as he was as cool as a cucumber. Despite Amati's level, he hadn't been affected too much by the suppression of the sword intent at all. Instead, he was thrilled and challenged because of Amati's initiation.

"It's quite difficult for you to comprehend the middle level of the preliminary sword intent. It's a pity if I kill you, right? Let's take it this way. We just fight one blow. The loser steps down the battlefield. How about that?" Darren said coldly, making Amati furious. His smile gradually faded as anger filled him. However, he thought Darren wore a facade to hide anxiety.

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