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   Chapter 167 Encounter the Powerful Enemy

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"Humph. Jaya, the lady has been here herself. You'd better make it clear how many ink stones you've defrauded from the money shop in the past years!" the young man yelled at Jaya as if he was on a high horse, proud of his sense of justice.

"You little runt! I've been promoting you all these years. How dare you frame me?" Jaya shivered with fury. Never did he expect to have cultivated such an ungrateful person who would attempt to make false charges against him.

"Jaya, my father has always trusted and relied on you. You must set things straight from the very start. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude." A beautiful lady in her twenties walked over, wearing a sour face.

After simply explaining the whole affair, Jaya pointed at Darren's figure on the arena. "Look carefully, you little bastard! The lad is still alive. I've never scrounged a pension off the money shop!"

"Ah? What happened? Why didn't he die?" The younger man was left stunned.

"Humph!" With a grunt, Jaya took a green crystal card and handed it to the lady. "Here are the commissions earned from the lad's five straight wins. And thirty thousand more ink stones are from the gambling. I'm sorry for not informing you about it. Please take them, my lady. Since you don't trust me, I must find another way to make a living. Goodbye."

Being a crafty man, Jaya gave only a tenth of the ink stones he won to the lady. From then on, she would trust him more.

"This..." Left speechless, the lady suddenly slapped the young man hard. "You bastard. Jaya has always been hardworking. How could you accuse him of doing such a shameful thing? Everything is clear now—you're the one to blame."

"My lady, I..." Droplets of sweat began forming on the man's temples.

"Shut up!" Without letting him respond, the lady kept slapping him until he couldn't bear it any longer and ran away.

"I'm sorry, Jaya. You can keep these ink stones yourself as my compensation to you. Please don't leave our shop," the lady apologized.

With that, Jaya looked much better.

On the arena, Darren made it to the sixth battle.

This time, his rival was far stronger—he must've been one of the best fighters at the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm.

"What do you think, Jaya?"

Darren's previous performance had captured the attention of the authority of Prison Battle Arena, so the middle-aged man went over to consult for Jaya's opinion.

As an old hand with an unerring eye, Jaya's judgment was known to be accurate.

"Nice to see you, Uncle Harvey," the young lady next

s vision.

"I hope he can reach the eighth battle. I'll make a killing if he does," Harvey Gu eagerly pronounced in excitement.

"Uncle Harvey, you earned over tens of millions of ink stones yesterday, didn't you?" Hearing the news that someone broke the record yesterday, Eva thought to ask.

"Oh, actually, it went further than that. The last battle attracted an audience of thirty thousand. All of them were influential and rich. Just from the illegal gambling, I earned eighteen million ink stones, so I got twenty million ink stones in total if counting the sum of the tickets." Whenever it came to making a fortune, Harvey's face lit up immediately.

"Ah, that's quite a lot. It seems that I should tell my father to buy a share of Prison Battle Arena. Uncle Harvey, you won't reject that, will you?" Eva probed.

"Sure! What about one hundred million ink stones?" he suggested.


On the arena, Darren's rival for the seventh battle showed up.

A well-dressed young man in his twenties held a sword sparking with coldness. His momentum seemed incomparable.

'Is he a swordsman?' Instantly, Darren felt that he must have conducted some sort of weird swordsmanship.

'Oh no… It's him! Darren is doomed to failure. He can't defeat that one.' On the stand, Jaya's face turned dramatically restless.

Not only Jaya, many of the audience hissed in regret. What a pity that Darren had to encounter that opponent.

While some were excited for the rare opportunity to witness the young man's powerful fight. Regrettably, he wasn't here yesterday. Otherwise, it would've been a matchless battle if he had fought against the cultivator yesterday who had broken the winning record!

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