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   Chapter 165 Entering The Battlefield

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"Could you wait a moment, please?" the old man asked politely.

"Could you please hurry up? I'm kind of in a hurry," Darren impatiently demanded. The Primitive Stone would be auctioned tomorrow. Darren must earn at least three million ink stones. How could he not be in a hurry?

The old man nodded, went backstage, picked up the young man who had been scared to the ground by Darren, and told him, "Get ready and send him to the Prison Battle Arena at the top level of the Mysterious Realm. And by the way, bet ten thousand ink stones on him outside. Is that clear?"

The young man had calmed down and the horror in his eyes had disappeared. He was now frowning as he said, "Jaya, although this boy has hidden his cultivation base, it isn't appropriate to send him to the arena at the top level of the Mysterious Realm, is it? If he dies on the stage, we'll have to pay at least three thousand ink stones. That's not a good deal. Besides, it's too risky to bet ten thousand ink stones on the outside!"

The young man also felt that Darren had extraordinary talent, but he didn't think Darren would be able to go far in the arena at the top level of the Mysterious Realm.

"Don't talk nonsense. With so many years of experience, I can tell that he can definitely enter at least the fourth round of the contest at the top level of the Mysterious Realm. Take him there now!" The old man paused to think for a few seconds and finally said, "Never mind, let me take him there myself. Since he can hide his cultivation base, we will be able to make a big profit on outside bets."

He then turned to Darren. "There are some terms I need to tell you. If you agree to the terms, I will introduce you to the arena," he said as he walked towards Darren with a smile.

"Tell me the terms, then," Darren eagerly replied.

"First, if you win a fight in the Prison Battle Arena, you will be rewarded with ten thousand ink stones. I will take one thousand as commission.

Second, you must sign a life and death contract with the Prison Battle Arena. If you are unfortunately killed on the stage, you can't blame anyone," the old man enumerated.

"What?" Darren angrily spat out. "If I win a game I get ten thousand ink stones? I thought you said I could win three million?"

"Ha-ha, young man. If you're strong enough, you could win three million—hell, you could even win up to ten million!" the old man said with a big grin on his face.

"How?" Darren asked, puzzled.

"The only way to win a huge amount of ink stones is to break the record in the Prison Battle Arena. Yesterday, a man broke the record of winning nine games in a row and was rewarded with two million ink stones. Plus, he asked others to bet

ng nine games in a row hasn't been broken for ten years. I don't think someone who could beat that record would just suddenly appear. It's just impossible."

The audience speculated all sorts of bias against Darren. They were people from rich backgrounds who liked gambling, so of course a game like this with no challenge at all was simply too unexciting for them and a waste of their money.

"In this battle between Darren Chu and Aries Wu, Darren has the odds of one to one hundred! The bets are limited to five thousand ink stones, folks!" the announcer's booming voice echoed throughout the entire arena.

Odds of one to one hundred meant that if Darren won, a bet of one ink stone on him could win a hundred ink stones back. This was the case where the odds had reached the upper limit. Otherwise odds of one to one thousand might be possible.

"I bet on Aries with ten thousand ink stones! Just trying to win a little money here!"

"I bet on Aries with five thousand!"

"I bet on Darren with one ink stone!"

Almost eighty percent of the people in the audience placed their bets in favor of Aries Wu; nineteen percent chose not to place any bets at all, thinking that they wouldn't win many ink stones; and lastly, only one percent placed a bet of just a few ink stones in favor of Darren as a joke.

'This is my chance!' Darren thought. He didn't plan on missing this great opportunity to make money.

He gave some of the audiences top-quality pills in exchange for five thousand ink stones beforehand and asked for Jaya to bet them all in favor of himself. He wouldn't be able to bet on himself as a contestant, so he hatched up the fool-proof plan.

"Looks like I will win half a million in the first game. Not bad," he said to himself, smirking as he stepped out onto the arena.

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