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   Chapter 164 Found Primitive Stone (Part Two)

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"Hush. Buddy, don't shout! You could win ten thousand ink stones at least with your cultivation base. In my experience as an old man in the business, it should be effortless for you to win thirty thousand ink stones if you stick to three rounds," the old man taunted.

"Can I really last three rounds?" The big guy resembling the built of a warrior was obviously tempted.

"Hmm. A cultivator of the top level of Mysterious Realm had won three million ink stones last time. If you don't believe me you can ask around! You are at the eighth stage of Mysterious Realm. Can't you win thirty thousand ink stones at least? Buddy, be confident." A young man who seemed to care about what was happening around, gave him a boost.

Overhearing this, Darren's shock was projecting. He soon shook his head expressing his surprise. 'Three million ink stones? How could that be possibly earned? They must be bluffing!'

Darren found himself leaving, heading straight out the door, and wandering along the street where people from all walks of life thrived.

His footsteps fast approaching, he was stunned when he arrived in front of a prominent building.

"Primitive Stone!" His heart leapt out of his chest the moment he saw those iconic words plated for everyone to remember.

As close as he could, he moved closer until his eyes squinted to read the words, "The rare treasure Primitive Stone will be auctioned tomorrow with a starting price of three million ink stones."

"How come this auction house has the Primitive Stone? Is this the authentic one or not?" Darren held on to his hopes even if his mind was surrounded with doubts.

A stranger overheard his ambiguous remark so he suddenly looked at Darren with contempt. "You even doubted Sky Pavilion's precious auction item. What a foo

such a beginner of Mysterious Realm, you must be crazy to dream of such money! How ignorant you are!" the young man by the side of the elder man said in scorn. He obviously couldn't bear Darren's arrogant presence that gave the place an upsetting vibe.

"Take me to the peak battlefield of Mysterious Realm!" Darren obligated the two disapproving men.

"Idiot!" the annoyed young man cursed him with a mocking smile.

Darren was too pissed to even utter more words to convince them. Instead, he released in the command of his spiritual sense, and a puff of sword intent was directed towards the young man who annoyed him the most.


The young man's face turned pale immediately as cold sweat ran through his temples. He kept stepping back as his eyes displayed his horror.

The elder man with yellow teeth was able to discern that Darren was uncommon. He thought to himself that this little fellow must had hidden his cultivation base to actually reach this state without even being felt. That puff of sword intent was extraordinarily strong, usually only being used by skilled disciples. The elder man believed he would make a fortune out of this returning client this time.

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