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   Chapter 163 Found Primitive Stone (Part One)

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Lotus City lay within the coveted Lotus Holy Land. If its level of prosperity was measured, it would not even be ranked lower than a country of profane world.

On its busy streets where everyone was welcome, it would be noticed that there were disciples from every major Holy Land wandering around the area. Lotus City, letting its rich heritage and diverse population thrive, was the most prosperous city among the eight Holy Lands.

"I'd better put on a mask."

Darren would secretly be paying a visit to Medicine Pavilion later. Little did anyone know, he already had looted too many valued elixirs from the pavilion so he planned his disguise for him not be recognized. Medicine Pavilion was abundant of mighty rule cultivators who would risk anything to fulfill their cause. They could definitely kill him by all means if they intended to.

Darren carefully concealed the strength of his cultivation base as he was putting on his bronze mask that perfectly fit his sharp facial features, before heading to Medicine Pavilion.

Without any doubt, in such a big city where good and evil melted together, people with bamboo hats covering their faces could be found everywhere. A lucky day for Darren, he would not be noticeable and suspicious with a mask on his face.

In no time, Darren had found himself entering the Medicine Pavilion.

On the ground floor, there was a lobby crafted in perfectly equal sizes of a square where many elixir counters could be found.

As he was looking for the perfect moment, Darren fixed his sight on the elixir counter he was searching for—the one boosting the Spirit Power.

"What sky-high price they are!" Darren was nothing but dumbfounded.

The offered elixirs for lifting Spirit Power were available in different levels: low, medium, high, and superior. Even w

old man and went directly to get the elixirs he was plotting to have.

"Oh, Jaya! What a pity! You have lost much commission again." A young man with a petite physique walked up to the old man and expressed his dismay over the trade.

"Hmm. Rest assured. You'll sure be rich if you will continue working with me! That guy's cultivation base is far from the level of a beginner of Mysterious Realm. Even if we recommend him to Prison Battle Arena, he would only win one round at best and we could only acquire a hundred ink stones. There is no need to waste one's breath for an unfavorable outcome."

"That's true, Jaya. Someone who seems to have the cultivation base of eighth stage of Mysterious Realm is proceeding this way. It looks like we're going to profit from this by making a bundle."


After he accomplished what he came there for, Darren half-heartedly headed out of the room with three pieces of his precious low level Spirit Power elixirs. Confrontations were all over the exchange station.

"Damn it! One thousand ink stones just for one round? Are you robbing?" A humongous and intimidating man whose cultivation base was at the eighth stage of Mysterious Realm, reacted out loud.

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