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   Chapter 162 The Request From A Treasure Hunting Team

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Darren turned a page of the ancient book. Written on the title page was the name of the book—the Rule Formula.

He began to peruse a page from the book. "The Thunder Leading Skill, the Fire Controlling Skill, the Wind Controlling Skill, the Sketch of the Underground Fleeing Skill, the Taboo Region…"

It was the book's table of contents.

There was a few basic information about the rule cultivator on the next page.

"The most basic skill a rule cultivator is able to use is the power of heaven and earth. Every strong rule cultivator is able to control the nature power, namely the wind and the thunder. Their rule spells carry an extremely tremendous power. Those who cultivate the taboo rule spell will even be able to kill a Grand Realm master,"

Darren mumbled as he continued to read the texts.

It only took him an hour to finish reading the entire book.

'The book introduced the elementary martial formulas used for offense by the rule cultivators, ' he concluded in his mind.

However, regardless of how basic the knowledge was, it could not be learned that easily. It required cultivators to have at least a level ten Spirit Power.

When Darren first came to the Holy Land, he had met a number of rule cultivators, but as he came to think of it, their abilities were not even regarded as rudimentary. They were not very powerful considering they had only learned a small handful of martial formulas.

'Disappointingly, I only reached level six after assimilating the Spirit Power of those rule cultivators. Even if I learn a few more martial formulas, it probably won't help much.' Darren felt somewhat unsatisfied.

"Wait," he uttered as a thought suddenly came to his mind.

"On the day, when I was tested in the Black Cliff of Sword Intent, the Sword Type Creatures that appeared in the first pass have the attributes of fire and thunder. But I was rejected when I tried to assimilate them. Can these attribute rules be attached to the sword intent?" Darren wondered aloud to himself.

He then immediately summoned the inheritance skill with his spiritual sense and entered the World of Rule.

The entire World of Rule was in silver color and was covered in rules, mostly Avatar Rule and a few other rules.

He tried to recall everything he learned from the Rule Formula. Soon, he began to mobilize his Spirit Power according to what was mentioned in the book.

"Alright, there it is," he said as the rule lines materialized. "The purple lines should be the rule of thunder element, the dark grey lines should be the rule of earth element, and those are the rules of wind and fire."

Darren was able to make the lines appear by using his Spirit Power in the silver World of Rule.

He tried to let his Spirit Power come i

al with people who wanted to mess with him.

"Hi, Darren! Nice to meet you!" "Darren, we've been looking for you for several days now!"

And their greetings came, one after another. Darren was relieved once he saw the friendly expressions on their faces. "I don't mean to be rude, but I think you're all older than me. Why are you all acting so polite towards me?" he modestly asked.

"Brother, you're a supreme disciple and we're inner disciples. You're higher than us in status, so we should show respect to you," one of them replied.

Darren smiled, "Well, what can I do for you? You said you've been looking for me."

"We have good news to tell you," the only young woman enthusiastically announced in a gentle voice.

"Brother, haven't you heard the news of the Fire Cave yet? We are hoping to go to find the treasures with you," one of the young men stated with much courtesy.

"Please! Don't be too polite. You can call me by my name," Darren cheerfully exclaimed. "So, why did you want to go with me?" he added with a naive look on his face.

"Why else? Because you're strong, of course!" a young man declared as he stretched out his hand towards Darren. "I'm Hayes Su, by the way. It's my pleasure to meet you, Darren!" he added.

He was the young man who had most powerful energy among them.

Darren shook his hand and said, "Excuse me, you're all really nice people, but I really have to go now. I have something urgent to do in Lotus City. Let's talk about this later. See you!"

Darren hurriedly said his goodbyes and went on his way.

"Time is running out, so make sure to come back soon! We've heard that many superior talents from other sects are also planning to take part in it—it must be a great treasure! Our Lotus Holy Land can't miss this opportunity!" the young woman anxiously shouted behind him.

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