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   Chapter 161 The Complicated Things (Part Three)

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Belle was infuriated too. Snorting with anger, she resumed, "They are nothing but a group of seedy, disgusting cockroaches. I don't believe in the strength of those superior talents. If they confronted our Holy Lord Diana and the rule masters at that time, those bastards wouldn't stand a single chance of winning." Her words caught Darren's attention.

"Superior talents? Those who hit Elder Xenia are superior talents on the Talent Roll?" he asked, his brows creasing together in wonder.

"Yes, that is what I heard. After the fight, we investigated those bastards, thinking we would get even with them for what they did to my master. However, it turned out that they are on the Talent Roll and were able to reach the Wonder Realm before they could even turn thirty. When you think of it, it is pretty clear why their strength was so formidable and otherworldly. There simply wasn't a way for my master to overcome the attacks by so many Wonder Realm fighters," Belle explained with frustration and disgust. After what had happened to her master, her deep-seated grudge towards the Chasm Clan intensified even more. The Holy Lord Diana was originally planning of avenging Elder Xenia. But then, after finding out who the attackers really were, she held back from striking back at them because she knew that attacking them would very likely put the land and everyone in it in danger. So, everyone, including Elder Xenia herself, kept silent about it instead. She knew that the land's safety always had to come first.

Darren frowned, realizing how complex the situation actually was. "Do you know the actual ranks of those people?" he asked.

Belle shook her head. And then, her eyes dil

least have the strength of the Mysterious Realm so that I can defeat fighters from the primary stage and the middle stage of the Wonder Realm, ' he thought to himself. Acquiring the Primitive Stone seemed like nothing more than a distant dream to him in that moment. He knew that he had such a long way to go, and he did not even know if he would be able to do it. For now, all he could do was sigh in melancholy.

'I wonder, what will happen if I activate my Spirit Power?' An idea suddenly came into his mind.

'If I become an exceptional and accomplished rule cultivator, I will be able to easily make a lot of runes, and my strength will become far more superior to the strength of the fighters on the Talent Roll.' He suddenly remembered the book he had found in the Medicine Pavilion before.

He got the book by accident when he snatched an elixir from a man who had been defeated, but he never really looked into it. He had completely forgotten about the book ever since; until this moment. Thinking that the book might actually help him with his cultivation, he immediately took out the book from his Space Ring.

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