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   Chapter 160 The Complicated Things (Part Two)

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But Belle's question made his own questions bubble to the surface of his mind once again. 'If Belle's mother is not my mother, then who is my real mother? Where could she be now?' While he was in the Holy Lord Diana's place, his mind became rather absent during the latter part of their conversation. After he heard the shocking truth from Diana, he found himself wondering about Belle's true identity. But more than that, he felt so anxious to find out about his own family history that he could barely listen to anything that Diana was telling him.

Now, as he was watching Belle, he began to think about what his next steps should be. 'It looks like I need to go back to the Chu Clan, ' he thought to himself. The Chu Clan was where he was raised. Therefore, he thought that some of the people there must know the answers to his many burning questions. He became restless and desperate to know who he really was.

"Darren, why didn't you come here with your wife? I really wanted to see her. Colin told me that she is really good looking. Is that true?" Belle asked earnestly, interrupting Darren's train of thought. Darren's cheeks became flushed. He had no idea how to answer her. Even though he was a grown-up man by all means, he still found it hard to free himself from being shy when it came to the subject of love and affection.

"I will bring her next time. But first things first. I should visit Elder Xenia while I am here. Could you show me to her palace?" Darren said.

Belle giggled, revealing the deep cute dimples on her cheeks, as she saw Darren's embarrassed face.

"Darren, why is your face so red? Are you embarrassed?" she taunted.

"Nonsense!" he exclaimed, his face turning even redder.

Belle then led her brother to see her master. She kept making fun of her brother al

dly injured her," she added. Belle grew irritated as the unpleasant memory of the past came alive in her mind. She felt so sorry for what her master had been through.

Darren was not surprised, though. Right from the beginning, Darren had a feeling that the Chasm Clan might be the one to blame for Elder Xenia's injuries. The Chasm Clan was one of the two biggest forces in the southern territory, and they had a bad reputation for bullying others who were inferior to them in strength.

"A bunch of vicious and evil assholes!" Darren exclaimed. Seeing how severely injured Elder Xenia was, Darren became filled with fury.

Elder Xenia sighed and shook her head in dismay. "You don't need to worry about me. I am in a much better condition now. All of my wounds have healed already and my body strength will be back to normal in no time. We cannot draw our sword against the Chasm Clan now because they are still much stronger and powerful than we are. We can't afford to bring any more damage to our Holy Land," she said remorsefully. Elder Xenia thought about all of the years they had spent living under the threats of the Chasm Clan, and an immense surge of hatred rushed through her veins.

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