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   Chapter 159 The Complicated Things (Part One)

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Darren let his eyes rest upon the map again. He couldn't help it. Seeing all of the forces in the world laid out in front of him on a small piece of paper completely fascinated him.

Looking at the map, he could easily identify the area he was in at the moment. The map not only indicated the position of each force, but also specified the perimeters of the territory that each force owned, including the Northern, the Eastern, and the Western. As he looked closer at the map, Darren was surprised to see that the map included even the territory occupied by the Grand Realm fighters.

In comparison to all the other areas that had markings, the border region of the map was completely blank with no labels on it whatsoever. It seemed rather mysterious, so naturally, Darren's passion for exploring unsolved mysteries was woken up.

"Darren, you can stay here for as long as you like. Actually, I encourage you to do so. The Holy Land is a good place for you to cultivate. Once you are powerful enough, you may leave this place and search for better cultivation resources. You can rest assured that no one will harm you during your stay here in the Holy Land! You have my word," the Holy Lord Diana said to Darren.

"Duly noted, Holy Lord! Thank you so much. I really appreciate your hospitality," Darren uttered in thanks. Then, Darren started contemplating. There was something that still did not make sense to him. "There is something I have been wondering about, and I just cannot keep it out of my mind. You said that the Holy Lands aren't that powerful but they rank high among all the forces in the world for a particular reason. Do you think you can tell me what that reason is?" Darren inquired. The words the Holy Lord Diana had said kept running through his mind, and he could no longer keep his curiosity at bay. Now that they were alone, he took it as an opportunity to ask her about it and finally clear up the confusion in his mind.

However, his question seemed to make Diana on guard. "All I can tell you is that it has something to do with the forbidden areas that our eight Holy Lands are guarding. I'm sorry, Darren, but that's all I can say. I can't give you any more details," she responded carefully.

Although she kept all

yfully at him and replied, "My master has not fully recovered yet, but don't worry! She just needs a few more days of proper rest and she will be as healthy as ever." Once their excitement from seeing the most important person to the world to them had subdued, a confused look came over Belle's face. "Darren, why did the Holy Lord call you to her palace? What did she want to talk to you about?" she inquired.

"Nothing in particular, really. Just a few trivial matters. She wanted to check on me and see if I'm feeling better," Darren said casually, trying to avoid the subject so that he wouldn't say anything about what the Holy Lord had said about Belle by mistake. Darren smiled faintly. He thought about what Diana had told him about Belle, and he could not help but feel a complexity of emotions as he watched Belle's innocent face. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine that his family might not be his real family, and that his sister, whom he had known all his life, would actually be a descendant of an unusual, exceptional family. Now that he knew that Belle was not his real sister, and that she might react badly if she knew about her bloodline and the disastrous history of her family, Darren felt a stabbing pain in his heart. Right now, he did not think Belle would be able to handle such information. Perhaps, one day she would be ready to find out, but for now, Darren felt that it would be better to keep the secret so that he could protect her just like he always had.

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