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   Chapter 157 Tournament Rewards

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Darren struggled to remain conscious until Landon announced the test result. After that, he blacked out and collapsed on the ground.

With a surprised gasp, Diana flew forward and took him. She left the unconscious lad with Colin and asked him to find a doctor.


A Holy Lord dashed forward and blocked Colin's way.

"This boy was covered in black scales and emitted an evil aura. He is suspicious. We must interrogate him!" The person blocking Colin's way was the Holy Lord of the Ice Holy Land.

At the same time, Landon guided other Holy Lords toward Colin and Darren.

"I agree with him. A person covered in black scales broke into the forbidden area that Scott was guarding the other day. I suspect that he has something to do with the fiend," Landon said flatly.

"Stop talking nonsense, you bastard!"

Diana cursed. The onlookers were shocked as they had never heard her scold people before.

"Why would my disciple get involved with the fiend? Don't you feel ashamed? How can you not know that Darren mastered the Dragon Clan's inheritance skill? Stop making a fool of yourself!" she continued coldly.

The Holy Lords were rendered speechless.

It dawned on them that Darren had displayed an Omnipotent Talent Skill. 'What he used is similar to the legendary Dragon Clan's inheritance skill.'

"Diana, don't get mad. We can't afford to make any mistakes when it comes to the fiend. So, I believe we should investigate that boy," the Holy Lord of the Void Holy Land mediated.

"Get the hell out of here!" Diana spat out slowly, "You'd better not test me. If you dare to take him away, Lotus Holy Land will become your enemy. And we will not show you any mercy."

A large lotus shadow rose behind Diana as she spoke.

The Holy Lords knew that the lotus shadow was a sign that Diana was furious. They looked at her, embarrassment written all over their faces.

They were aware that they had already gone too far by pressuring Diana to continue the tournament. If they took Darren against Diana's will, they knew that Diana would go to all lengths to stop them.

Landon laughed to break the tense atmosphere and changed the topic immediately. He said, "Forget it, Diana. Let's talk about taking over the magic spring from the three families." Even though Landon was powerful, he couldn't risk upsetting Diana more. After all, he didn't stand up for Lotus Holy Land when she turned to him for help.

Since Landon dropped the topic, the remaining Holy Lords didn't have the courage to press her on the issue regarding

then lay down.

However, he became restless when he recalled what a disciple of the Blade Holy Land had said. 'He said that they had caught an elder from a small sect. Who on earth could this elder be? Was it Elder Thomas?'

The more he thought about it, the more Darren became certain that the disciple was referring to Thomas. 'The Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land must have thought that Elder Thomas had killed his son, for there were many signs left by the sword. After all, Thomas is considered the best swordsman in the Ilmen Sect, ' he guessed.

'I must keep this from Elsa, ' Darren decided.

Although Elsa didn't get on well with Thomas, he was sure that she would be worried upon learning that he had been captured. After all, Thomas was her father.

'I need to find an opportunity to visit Blade Holy Land and figure out what is going on, ' Darren concluded.

He then took out some healing pills from his Space Ring to heal himself.

'This time, I was badly injured. I wonder how Bruce is doing.' Darren thought of Bruce as he started to check his injuries.

'If I hadn't transformed and used my demonic internal force to suppress his strength, I would have been smashed to a pulp, ' he recalled.

Darren had fought Bruce because he sensed that Bruce had the blood of the fiend, just as he did. He could prevail over Bruce mainly because his fiend blood was pure enough to oppress Bruce's bloodline force.

'I will find him. If possible, I will try to help Bruce, ' he planned. Darren had suffered tremendously when he was little. However, it seemed as though Bruce had endured more than he did. So, he pitied Bruce.

He then cleared his mind and focused on healing himself.

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