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   Chapter 156 A Fierce Fight (Part Two)

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Suddenly, several explosive noises sounded in succession.

The Lotus Battle Ring shook violently following the piercing sounds of collision. The explosive power caused by the collision of two kinds of powerful forces was so intense that it shattered the shielding sheen of the Lotus Battle Ring into pieces.

The shielding sheen of the Lotus Battle Ring was actually a powerful magical screen designed to prevent any capable Wonder Realm beginners from bursting their powers into the arena by mistake. So it truly was almost unbreakable. Its breaking proved just how strong Darren's and the ape's strengths were.

As the Lotus Battle Ring continued trembling violently, cracks began to appear on its foundation and walls. Soon, the square inside it turned into ruins of stones and bricks. The dirt and dust on the air became so thick that the people around could barely see the sunlight.

"It's so weird. I felt two kinds of outlandish forces in the fight. How is that possible?" All of the Holy Lords knew exactly what the man was talking about as they had all felt it too. At once, they activated their powerful sensing abilities in order to figure it out.

"It's so strange. The boy became covered with a layer of black scales!" With their powerful sensing abilities, the Holy Lords could clearly see the situation on the arena in spite of the thick dirt and dusts in the air. Darren's black scales seemed crystal clear in their eyes.

In the last moments of the fight, Darren exerted all of his intense transformation energy in order to transform himself into a fierce monster.

Suddenly, two huge shadows were thrown from the middle of all the dirt and dust. Like two stars falling from the sky, they fell through the air.

All of a sudden, the air whirled all around them.

Several people simultaneously leaped into the air to pursue the shadows that fleeted away from the dirt and dust.

In no more than a blink of an eye, they were able to bring back their targets.

Clive threw a huge debris onto the ground of the square and shouted angrily, "Bas

stopped frantically kicking Bruce. He could only look at Darren limping towards them. In that moment, he forgot that he was trying to awaken Bruce. All he felt was frustration and sadness, as if his heart had sunk into an abyss of despair.

With a hiss in the air, Darren drew out the sword in his hand the moment he reached his target.

Darren slowly raised his sword and aimed it directly at Bruce. Meanwhile, Clive's face turned red as all his blood rushed into his brain. He wanted to stop Darren, but he couldn't. Furious and disgusted at his disability to save his disciple, he puked out a mouthful of blood.

Without hesitation, Darren swung his sword at Bruce.

"Bang!" The sound of something colliding with something hard resounded in the air.

To everyone's shock and amazement, Darren did not swing his sword at Bruce. Instead, he swung it towards the ground by Bruce's side and stabbed it into the earth.

"We have a winner! Darren wins!"

Holy Lord Landon announced in a composed manner. Everybody around the battle ring heard it clearly.

The Ancient Families had lost the game.

The three chiefs of the Ancient Families looked pale as a sheet. As Landon's words echoed in their ears, their minds turned into a total mess. They found the result of the fight totally unacceptable. So much so that they could not even think of anything in that moment.

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