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   Chapter 155 A Fierce Fight (Part One)

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Everyone from the Ancient Families felt elated upon hearing Diana's decision. To them, this was an opportunity to win the divine inheritance tool.

"That's great of you, Diana! You are so courageous!" said one of the Holy Lords, flattering Diana with his excitement. The atmosphere was so intense that his excitement only added more fuel to the fire of both sides.

"Now that Diana has made her proposal, I declare that all the other Holy Lords and I will witness the fight between Darren and the chosen representative from the Ancient Families. If one side denies the result and goes back on its promise, it will become the common enemy of all of the Holy Lands. None of the Holy Lords shall let this whole thing go until justice has been served. Does everyone agree with my proposal?" said Holy Lord Landon in a tough tone.

"With all the Holy Lords witnessing the fight, we have no reason to go back on our words. The Ancient Families promise that we will do as the rules dictate," Clive said, making his intentions clear on behalf of the Ancient Families.

"What about you, Diana?"

"I agree. Now, go ahead and fight for us, Darren!" Holy Lord Diana said flatly. Her face seemed as cold as ice.

"All right. Let the last round of the contest begin," Holy Lord Landon announced seriously.

"Darren, make sure to protect yourself no matter what happens. Your safety is of the utmost importance," Colin said to Darren in a muffled voice.

"I know, sir. Don't worry about me," Darren replied as he nodded at Colin.

"Use the skill you learned from the Dragon Race against your enemy, Darren. If you think it would be impossible for you to win the game, or if you feel that your life is in danger, then just admit your failure immediately. I will not blame it on you." Darren heard Diana's voice in his mind.

"I understand, Holy Lord Diana," Darren murmured in a low voice.

Darren couldn't help but feel touched upon hearing Colin's and Diana's words. It made him feel warm in

the fear in him as much as he possibly could. With a fierce roar, he rallied all of his energy and channeled it into an attack towards Darren.

Bruce swiftly moved his huge fists to cover Darren under the gloomy shadow of their attack range.

"Cracking Attack!"

"Profound Nine Sword Skills!"

"Blood Dragon Illusion!"

Darren shouted, exerting all of the skills he was capable of. He moved so quickly as he was warding off Bruce's fists that everyone watching could only see his shadow moving on the ground.

"Amazing! That boy can use the avatar skill to generate various images of his real self!"

"Wow, he has the Omnipotent Talent Skill!"

"How could that even be possible? As far as I know, it's impossible for someone who has not entered the Wonder Realm to have the Omnipotent Talent Skill! And to top that off, he can even practice the sword and blade at the same time. He's totally unbelievable!"

Darren's avatar skills amazed all the spectators, including the three chiefs from the Ancient Families and all of the Holy Lords. All of them could not help but be stunned by his marvelous skills.

But his fighting momentum was still much weaker compared to the fierceness and brute strength of the monstrous ape. From the spectators' point of view, this was the one disadvantage Darren had as a fighter.

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