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   Chapter 154 Forces From All Parties

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"How dare you, you rebel bastard!" Clive shouted with rage as he threw a palm at Bruce.


Bruce growled as he bared his fangs, his eyes scarlet-red with fury.


He lunged his black-shelled, ape-like arm at Clive.


Bruce was thrown several feet back.

Nobody had expected Bruce to win at all, but to everyone's astonishment, Clive was also forced to step back several feet.

Now that Bruce could resist a middle stage of the Wonder Realm master, it became evident that he had already surpassed the Mysterious Realm because even if Clive weren't fighting with all his might, he was still a difficult opponent.

'His power now equals that of a cultivator at the beginning stage of the Wonder Realm; only that he lacks the Omnipotent Talent Skill, ' Colin thought upon witnessing the stunning moment. Nobody in the eight Holy Lands had ever been strong enough to match Bruce's strength at his age.

"At this rate, if he had the Omnipotent Talent Skill, he would already be able to challenge a master at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. And he will certainly occupy a slot in the top one hundred of the Talent Roll," Lino murmured.

"The Talent Roll?" Lino's mention of the scroll caught Darren's attention. "Master Lino, how would his rank be evaluated in the Talent Roll?" Darren asked curiously.

Lino took off his gaze from the battle ring and looked at Darren. "You can just call me Lino, Darren," he said.

Then he continued, "All the great powers have the name-list of the top one hundred talents on the Talent Roll. I know their names and their powers, thus I can evaluate Bruce's rank in comparison with them." As for you, you might be able to enter the top one hundred in ten years given your gift. We can talk more about this later after the combat is finished."

"Maybe you can do it in less than ten years. It is a pity that we only have the list of the top one hundred. If only we had more than that, perhaps we could look at your current position and get a rough estimate of how your strength compares to Bruce as of this moment, as well as how far your ranks are from each other," Colin commented regretfully.

"Let's just talk about this when the combat is over," Darren said.

Then, the three of them once again turned their attention to the combat.

"Clive, stop now! You are intervening with the combat!"

Landon stepped out and said in an effort to keep the order.

In that moment, Bruce went back to his normal self and walked back to the spot where he was a few moments ago.

"Bastard, you will never hear from

d of the death of the son of the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land.

"Emm, I almost forgot. How is the investigation going?" Landon asked.

"The reason Holy Lord Scott could not come is that he is interrogating an elder from a small sect. However, he told me to send all of you his regards before I left," answered the disciple courteously.

Landon nodded, having nothing else to say.

Meanwhile, Darren was shocked at the astonishing news. They had caught an elder? Was it Elder Thomas that they caught?!

"Landon, are you forcing me to hand over to you the Lotus of Holy Land?" Diana was filled with rage at the scene. "Landon, you always pretend to be the peace maker, but as it turns out, you actually take advantage of the Holy Lands in times of crises! You hypocrite!"

"Don't talk to me like that, Diana. You were the one who invited me to witness for you, and I try to fulfill my duty every time I make a promise. Do you think you can make a fool out of me?"

Landon growled as thunders boomed and the sky turned turbulent. Everyone in the battle ring, except for the Holy Lords, started feeling scared and depressed.

"Diana, Landon has already invited us to come. You cannot go back on your word once the gamble has begun. We don't want our trip to be in vain," another Holy Lord sneered jokingly.

The three chiefs of Ancient Families were more than pleased to see the conflict between the Holy Lands. Meanwhile, the Holy Lords took much pleasure in each other's misfortunes even more ruthlessly.

Diana froze for a moment and took a deep breath. Then she made a final decision.

"Darren, come here. It is time for you to join the battle!"

Her deafening voice resounded all around the square.

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