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   Chapter 153 Bruce's Strength

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"Don't be in such a hurry. If we kill that boy, those guys from the Lotus Holy Land might use it as an excuse to deny paying us back. Besides, Bruce won't get away with it if he kills that boy would," Clive said, laying all the facts so Kevin wouldn't do something he would later regret.

"That bastard is treated like a dog in your family. Nobody will care if he dies."

"Well, yes, he's a bastard. He's useful sometimes, though. Ha-ha. Anyway, I will tell him to kill the boy once our victory has been secured. I'll have to deal with losing a little mad dog, so what do you think?"

"I'll pay you back," said Chief of the Ji Family with a smirk.

And with that, the deal was sealed. The only thing left to do was to keep it secret and make it happen.


Darren sat quietly for a while. After taking a few dozens of healing pills, his injury was almost cured and the sword and blade intents in his body were restored to the same strong level as before.

"This round is between Bruce and Jack. Darren, please observe careful and try to spot the weaknesses of the winner," Colin said, making sure Darren wouldn't just watch without absorbing anything.

"Let's hope that Jack could tire Bruce even just a little bit so we will have a better chance of winning," Lino said solemnly, sensing Bruce's dark energy from where he was standing.

Darren did not say much. He just nodded and looked towards the platform where Jack and Bruce had already entered.

'How strong is Bruce? I think he is several levels stronger than us, ' Darren wondered as he waited for the fight to start.

Meanwhile, seeing Bruce's emotionless face made Jack very nervous. He tried hard not to show it, so when he felt like he was going to slip, he looked around him and pretended that he was calm in front of the audience.

Three years ago, in the competition between the three families, he witnessed the horrifying scene when Bruce used his bloodline force.

And to this day, the thought of the dark Wild Ape scared him.

However, Bruce was punished for injuring a lot of disciples from the other two families that day. A few days later after that, the news of him going mad came out. He seemed to have disappeared and then people never heard of him again.

"Bastard, just throw in the towel and get out of here. Even if you win this competition, the Wei Family will not treat you any better," Jack said, trying to intimidate Bruce as much as he could. "Why don't you just let me win the sacred object of the Holy Land? In exchange, I'll tell the Wei Family to take care of you for the rest of your life." It was a bluff, of course

But it was no use. Bruce could not hear them and even if he did, he didn't care. Only pain and hatred could be seen in his eyes. There was no mercy.


His voice was cold and unforgiving.


A resounding crack was heard throughout the entire arena. Jack's bones were crushed to pieces as if they were biscuits.


Suddenly, a figure approached Bruce and attacked him.

"Bastard! I told you to win the contest, not kill anyone!"

It was the chief of the Wei family who spoke. He did not want to let this humble beast kill the genius disciple of the Yu family. It would only bring trouble to the Wei family.

Bruce was pushed back by Clive, but still refused to let go of Jack. He held him in his palm.

"Let go of him!"

Clive yelled, fighting the urge to kill Bruce. He didn't like how the fight was turning out and he absolutely despised the fact that Bruce was outright disobeying him.

He flew all the way to Bruce and hit his arm with his palm.

The great force shook Bruce's arm and he had no choice but to let go of Jack.

After all, Clive was at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. Even without mobilizing his bloodline force, he could hurt Bruce.


Bruce yelped, opening his mouth and showing two sharp fangs.

He lurched back in pain and visibly trembled. It looked like his body was starting to swell.

Then, without any warning, his body grew larger and larger until he stood more than 30 feet tall. His bloody red eyes were wild and his body was covered with black scales unlike the others in the Wei family. He turned into an ape.

"This is his true strength!"

Darren could only watch with wide eyes as Bruce's violent and dark energy reached him from across the battle ring.

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