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   Chapter 152 Who Won

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When the level three bloodline force exploded from Kevin, his body emitted a green light and a cold aura.

"Heavyset Body! Block!" he roared.

At the same time, Darren's mighty sword intent hit him.

The sharp clash of swords hitting his body echoed in the space. In the next instant, Darren's powerful sword intent inundated Kevin. He felt as if he were in a world of swords, and no matter which direction he turned in, numerous powerful swords were attacking him.

Kevin trembled with fear.

He was scared internally because the sword intent was too powerful and his body couldn't resist the attack even though it had been consolidated with the level three bloodline force.

Blood saturated his robes as the swords left small wounds on his body.


Kevin shouted. Darren's attack and his inability to defend against it efficiently, left Kevin anxious. Although his strengthened body couldn't completely resist Darren's sword intent, it bought him time to activate more bloodline force. After a few moments, his bloodline force upgraded to level four.

"Clink! Clink! Clink!"

The sound of swords hitting Kevin's stone-like body echoed in the quiet surroundings. After Kevin's bloodline force increased to level four, his body became more solid and blocked Darren's sword intent.

Besides, his strength increased continuously, as well!

"Damn freak!" Kevin couldn't help cursing Darren after he survived the dangerous attack and recovered his composure.

However, Darren had no intention of giving him time to breathe because he knew that Kevin's strength would increase significantly if he used the skill to turn his body into a weapon.

"Cracking Attack!"

"Profound Nine Sword Skills!"

Darren executed his blade and sword simultaneously, which made his attacks more powerful than when he only used the sword intent!

Below the battle platform, the faces of the three chiefs darkened as they had a grim sense of foreboding. Even Landon, the Holy Lord of the Lightning Holy Land, who was sitting in the luxurious chair above the battle platform, was shocked.

"He, indeed, cultivates both blade and sword martial arts."

"Practicing both the blade and sword simultaneously should have killed him. How did he survive? How can he emanate such powerful strength?"

"The young man is unexpectedly powerful. When did such a great talent join the Lotus Holy Land?"

The chiefs of the three Ancient Families marveled simultaneously.

On the battle platform, just when Kevin felt relieved that the pressure from Darren had decreased a little, a stronger attack which combined both the sword intent and blade intent hit him.

"Damn it! You are forcing me to execute my trump card. Level five Heavyset Body!"

Kevin bellowed as his face twisted in pain.

"Oh? He is about to turn his body into a weapon!" Seeing that Kevin had started transforming, Darren dashed forward. He was so quick that the audience could only see a shadow flashing past.


Just as Darren had reached halfway toward K

stained the internal injuries during the battle. He told Lino and Colin that he needed to rest and consume some healing pills. Then, he would feel better.

"You were awesome. I never imagined that your ability to use the blade and sword simultaneously was that powerful," Colin said with exhilaration.

Darren was at the third stage of the Mysterious Realm, but the strength he had shown was far beyond the strength of a cultivator at the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm.

"You destroyed Kevin. I'll kill you!" The chief of the Ji Family saw that Kevin, his nephew and the talent of the young generation, was ruined on the platform. He went into a frenzy and attacked Darren.

"Don't be impetuous. We haven't lost the competition. The competitor from the Wei Family hasn't fought him yet!"

"You need to calm down. We can't kill him before we get the Lotus."

The other two chiefs tried to persuade the chief of the Ji Family.

However, the chief of the Ji Family turned a deaf ear to them and ejected a big illusory palm before directing it at Darren.


A shout, as loud as thunder resounded in the space as green lightning hit the ground.

With a flash, Landon appeared under the big illusory palm unleashed by the chief of the Ji Family. With a wave of his hand, Landon crushed the palm.

And the energy wave pushed the chief of the Ji Family backward.

"Your side lost this battle. You have to admit it. How dare you break the rules by trying to kill the competitor! Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Have you forgotten that I am the judge?"

Everyone calmed down when they saw Landon's strength.

After he was thrown back by the energy wave, the chief of the Ji Family relaxed. Embarrassment reflected in his expression, and he silently carried Kevin to the side of the Ancient Families.

"Chief Wei, order Bruce to kill that bastard. I'll give you whatever you want as the trade condition!" The chief of the Ji Family secretly contacted the chief of the Wei Family with vicious intent.

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