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   Chapter 151 The Battle With Kevin

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Darren versus Kevin!

The most anticipated battle between the two talents finally came. Most people predicted that Kevin would win in this battle, since he had killed a level three demonic monster and it had indicated how strong he was.

Meanwhile, Colin, Lino, and Belle wore serious looks on their faces.

"The situation is grave. Starting a war now seems inevitable. Initially, I thought it will be good for Darren to fight Jack while Kevin fight Bruce. But now, everything has changed," Colin said.

"What is the reason for this, Collin?" Belle couldn't help but ask out of curiosity.

"Because Kevin is much more powerful than Jack. If Darren fights Kevin, even if Darren can defeat him in the end, it would be impossible for him to leave without injuries. If Bruce fights Jack, since it is relatively easier for Bruce to take him out, it will not cause serious damage to Bruce's strength. When the final round of the competition comes, when Darren meets Bruce on the battlefield, it is virtually impassable for Darren to defeat him with those conditions," Lino explained further.

"And that is the best situation for us. It is more than likely that Darren wouldn't be able to defeat Kevin in the end. But if he uses the Talent Skill that he had grasped before, maybe there is a slight chance that he wins the battle," Colin added.

"But when he is forced to use the talented skill, it will inflict serious damage to his strength. He will encounter great difficulties once he finally meets Bruce on the battlefield," Lino responded with concern.

After the further analysis of the current situation, they concluded that Darren only had a very small chance to win if he fought all by himself.

Lino and Colin started to worried whether they had made a rash decision and were playing with unexpected high stakes. If they lost their treasures that had been handed down from previous generations, it would be an unpardonable offense, and they would be gravely punished for the way they handled the situation.

Belle didn't care about it that much. The only thing that she was concerned about was her brother's safety. But after hearing their discussion, her nerves were on the verge of imploding.

"I hope that my brother turns out all right," Belle prayed in silence.

The Ancient Families were absolutely certain that Kevin would win and that Darren wouldn't stand a chance.

"Once Kevin fights Bruce, you will get a part of it as long as I have the Lotus," Clive said. Although Rory was badly injured, Clive was giddy with excitement knowing that the treasure of the Holy Land was almost in his pocket.

"Humph, correct me if I'm wrong but are you looking down on my disciple right now?"

Allen's face grew red with anger, when he heard that Clive ruled out the possibility that Jack would win the battle.

"Ha-ha. Allen, l didn't mean that. As long as that treasure belongs to one of our three clans, it will bring considerable b


"That is a wonderful weapon! Purple lightning surrounded the sword! But it seems that the sword is being held back by something," the Holy Lord murmured to himself.

The people from the Ancient Families were confused upon seeing Darren hold a strange sword in his hand. They didn't know what he was planning to do with it.

They all knew that one couldn't train in battling with the blade and sword at the same time. Even the cultivators outside the Holy Land knew about it, let alone these strong masters.

"His blade intent is already strong enough. Why does he still feel the need for the sword?"

"I afraid he might just be fooling around. He used that sword to disturb Kevin on purpose. He is so naive."

"But why do I feel a strange vibration of sword intent?"

While the three chiefs were discussing, a stream of sword intent exploded in an instant and blasted towards the sky. In the blink of an eye, the entire sky was enveloped by Darren's intense sword intent.

"What just happened?"

Except for Colin and Lino, who knew about the current situation, everyone was taken aback with their eyes widened. They couldn't believe what they just witnessed.

"That intense sword intent is much powerful than his blade intent!"

"He reminds me of Hanson! He was a legendary being who had practiced combat with the sword and blade at the same time!"

"Crap! That must be the secret weapon of the Holy Land! What should we do?"

The three chiefs went into panic.


On the battlefield, Kevin was also astonished by what he had seen. He suddenly went pale as he was overwhelmed by a surging stream of sword intent. It was so powerful and fierce that he couldn't protect himself from it.


He let out a roar as he tried to diffuse his blood essence all over his body to strengthen his bloodline force.

Just as Kevin arrived at the third level, the powerful sword intent turned into numerous shadows that fiercely flew towards him.

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