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   Chapter 150 The Bloodline Force Of The Ji Clan (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-10-05 00:02

"Inherited bloodline, burn now!" he yelled ferociously.

"Robbie, what are you doing? Stop that now!"

Upon realizing what was happening, the chief of the Ji Clan's face shifted at once and he scolded Robbie immediately.

"I don't care if I get wrecked today! I'm going to do whatever it takes to kill this bastard!" Robbie said, fuming with anger.

Suddenly, there an ancient breath penetrated Robbie's body, and his face became ridden with pain. Then, his whole body turned into a black iron divine spear - a cold weapon!

"Robbie, stop that now! You have not yet awakened the fifth level of your bloodline, if you turn yourself into a weapon, you will die for sure!" the chief of the Ji clan yelled. He did not want to lose one gifted disciple.

But there was nothing he could do. By then, the Divine Weapon, incarnated by Robbie, had already started rushing towards Darren at an extremely fast speed.

Gusts of winds raged all over the Lotus Battle Ring. Had there been no arrays around it, more than half of the square would have already been destroyed.

Darren gazed at the divine spear, and immediately felt an overwhelming pressure. However, the pressure did not come from Robbie, but from Kevin. When Robbie incarcerated himself into a weapon, his power became more than ten times stronger. How powerful would Kevin, who had already awakened five levels of bloodline, actually be? He was bound to be infinitely stronger than Robbie!

"Damn it, if this boy can force himself to incarcerate into a weapon, then he must have become stronger than we had initially thought. Even if Darren doesn't get injured, this will surely consume a lot of his energy!" Colin's eyebrows furrowed tightly as he began to worry about Darren.

"Cracking Attack!"

While everyone was filled with worry and fear, Darren remained white calm. He directly used the first move of the Spectral Blade Skill in retaliatio

to him and said, "It's okay if you admit your defeat now, before anything else happens."

After Darrin heard what Darren said, he felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulder and he was able to escape his imminent death. As fast as he could, he said, "I admit defeat! I admit defeat!"

The reason the Holy Land sent these other outer disciples was actually to use them to size up the true strength of their opponents in the first place. At the end of the day, this was all prepared for Darren. However, they had a great gap in cultivation base, so things did not work out as they had intended it to. If Darren let them stand on the battle ring, he would only see them get badly injured, and that just was not fair to them.

So, Darren asked that disciple to admit defeat at once in order to spare his life.

"No way. You cannot just admit defeat in this competition," Kevin said. There was no way he was going to let them get away with this.

"It's alright. I still have a last chance to exchange my opponent. I will fight you in his place!" Darren said calmly.

"What did you say?" Upon hearing Darren's words, Kevin's eyes lit up with excitement. He said, "Well, if you want to die earlier than you should have, then you have no cause to blame me."

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