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   Chapter 149 The Bloodline Force Of The Ji Clan (Part One)

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After the opponents had been switched, it was Darren's turn to play.

In this competition, Darren's new opponent was Robbie.

After observing Robbie's two battles, Darren realized that this particular disciple from the Ancient Families was pretty strong. To top that off, he was one of the only disciples at the seventh stage of the Mysterious Realm.

In his most previous battle, he confronted an outer disciple who was already at the eighth stage of the Mysterious Realm, and he was able to defeat his opponent with just a single strike without even using his bloodline force.

'Robbie's skills aren't weak. It's a great opportunity for me to fight with him so that I can force him to use his bloodline force and I can check how strong the Ji Clan can actually be, ' Darren thought.

The two opponents jumped onto the Lotus Battle Ring and looked at each other, as if sizing up each other's strength.

"You're Darren, aren't you?" Robbie asked. His whole aura was calm, as if he wasn't taking Darren seriously at all.

"Do all of you need to talk nonsense before every fight? It's getting really annoying," Darren responded.

"Haha, are you actually arrogant, or are you just trying to hide your nerves? I'm sure I wouldn't even need to use my bloodline force at all in order to disable you," Robbie said arrogantly.

"I think you will find that things will not be as easy for you as you think!"

Darren wanted to stop talking nonsense, and so in an instant, he lunged at Robbie and hit him with his palm.

Right then, Darren did not want to expose too much of his strength just yet. He exerted just enough to force Robbie to use his bloodline force.

"So you want to compare your strength with mine, huh?" Robbie asked with disdain on his face as he raised his fist to attack Darren.


After the bombing, Robbie immediately retreated three steps. Meanwhile, Darren remained standing still, completely unaffected by the attack.

After seeing Darren unfazed by his attack, Robbie finally started to take him seriously. How on ear

burst out from his power were completely cut off by the blade intent, and in an instant, all of them vanished, failing to touch Darren at all.


The people watching could not help but be amazed by Darren's ability. Now, they were able to have a new understanding of Darren. They realized that this young man's strength was so intense that he was able to break the bodily endurance of the Ji Clan with nothing more than a strike of his blade.

"It is now apparent that Robbie does not have the ability to defeat him. Unfortunately, if that is all Darren can do, he still will not be able to hold his own against Kevin."

"Haha, he is the only outer disciple in the Holy Land who has strength to fight our disciples. But that's all he will be able to do. He will never have the chance to win. This battle will end with the winner coming from one of our three clans. Let's just wait and see who will get the lotus."

"I don't even have to think about it. Bruce is here. Do you truly think that you still have a chance? Ha-ha."

The three chiefs discussed their observations and predictions.

"Bastard, you cannot defeat me. I will beat you to a pulp!"

Despite being bruised and wounded all over, Robbie still had the will to fight. At this point, he was so extremely furious that he did not even care what would happen as long as he could defeat Darren.

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