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   Chapter 148 Martial Arts Competition

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The swarthy teenager had tousled hair and a look of decadence and sin in his manner. But his eyes held a darkly dangerous and indifferent expression. Anyone who held his gaze would shrivel backward with fear.

Keeping his eyes on the lad, Jack walked up to Kevin and asked, "What the hell is Bruce doing here? I thought this bastard went insane and got locked up."

"Who the hell knows? The freak defeated my brother in the tournament three years ago. His bloodline force was awakened, and he turned into an ape. With that, he unleashed a formidable power. I heard that the brat's father is from an alien race from the border. So he is a real bastard," Kevin replied. As he spoke about the teenager, his voice was laced with both fear and rage. They were two emotions that battled for dominance within Kevin.

Without a word, Bruce made his way to the participants. Since he arrived, he hadn't paid any attention to anyone. His eyes remained unfocused and uninterested in his environment and the people around him.

Darren glanced at Bruce too. The chilly, impassive aura emanating from the young man was both impressive and oppressive.

Perhaps Bruce had sensed Darren's gaze, and he returned his gaze. Shock suddenly took over his face. A second later, the impassive and dangerous expression returned as if the shock had never existed.

'How strange. This is our first meeting, yet I feel like I've seen him before, ' Darren thought, creasing his eyebrows together.

"Colin, shall we begin the test?" Clive inquired triumphantly, his hands behind his back.

But upon seeing Bruce, Colin felt worried. 'This teenager looks strong. Perhaps Darren can't handle him, ' he thought.

"You don't look well, Colin. Are you afraid?" Clive said icily.

Meanwhile, the chief of the Ji Family and the chief of the Yu Family also held severe expressions on their faces now that they noticed Bruce.

"Kevin, be careful if you're going to fight him. If you find that you are no match for him, just back off," the chief of the Ji Family whispered.

Kevin snorted. "He prevailed last time because my brother's fifth layer of bloodline hadn't been awakened. But I'm not him. I look forward to seeing what this bastard's capable of now," he said coldly, ready to unleash all his power if his opponent was Bruce.

"Jack, if your opponent is Bruce, you must keep your eyes open. Don't push yourself too much," the chief of the Yu Family urged.

Looking grim, Jack nodded his head slightly with wariness. 'He was terrifyingly powerful three years ago. I bet he is even stronger now.'

"The tour

gth. But he moves so fast. He will be difficult to handle, ' they mused to themselves.

The fight was over.

The competition continued. Participants stepped onto the platform to vie for victory against each other.

Several rounds later, there were six participants remaining—two from the Ji Family, two from the Lotus Holy Land, one from the Wei Family, and one from the Yu Family.

The disciples of Lotus Holy Land had failed to make the talented disciples of the three Ancient Families show their real strength. But this was to be expected for they were much weaker than them.

Now the fight among geniuses began.

"Darren Chu will battle Jack Yu.

Kevin Ji will fight Darrin Zhu.

Bruce Wei will fight Robbie Ji," the tournament disciple continued to announce.

This was the order in which the participants appeared.

"I demand to change my opponent," Darren said, using his second chance to make the change.

"Ha-ha. Looks like you're not an idiot. You could sense you're no match for me," Jack said proudly. He immediately jumped to the conclusion that Darren didn't want to fight him because he was afraid of him.

But a second later, he panicked. Looking at Bruce, he thought, 'This is not good. Is this brat going to take Bruce's opponent so I will have to battle the bastard myself?'

"I chose to fight Robbie," Darren said, a conniving sneer tugging at the corner of his mouth.

Jack's heart sunk.

Since Darren chose to battle Bruce's opponent, Jack would have to fight Bruce. Jack stared at Darren with resentment growing in his heart. One moment he had thought Darren was afraid, and now he realized that he had been tricked. He wanted nothing more than to tear him into a million pieces.

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