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   Chapter 147 Changing A Disciple (Part Two)

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"Wow!" an onlooker exclaimed, impressed. "There are so many cardiac cores of all grades!"

"My God! It seems that the outer disciples of the Holy Land are skilled too. They killed so many demonic monsters!"

Many of the people gathered there were surprised at the large amount of cardiac cores on the ground. The hushed tones of gossip once again spread through the crowd.

Colin and Lino of the Holy Land were standing aside, watching with silent happiness at seeing so many cardiac cores on the ground. They knew that it must have been Darren who killed the demonic monsters. He was indeed very powerful and fast to have killed this many grade-one demonic monsters.

One should know that, after using the Aura-concealing Skill, Darren only appeared to be at the first stage of the Mysterious Realm.

But the Ancient Families all did research on Darren, and they knew that he had a very special way to hide his cultivation base. That was why they were not surprised at his display of skill. They guessed that Darren was at least at the eighth or ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm.

"Darren has a total of 789 points," the disciple announced aloud. The Wei family had no cardiac cores, so they had zero points. It was evident that Darren had won this hunting match.

Hearing the result, the talented disciple of the Ji family was calm and unaffected. Meanwhile, Jack from the Yu family was almost green with jealousy. He kicked at his pile of sand on the ground, and it flew up in a colorful arc.

"Humph. This hunt was nothing but child's play. It's the third match that matters," Kevin sneered. He didn't care about the hunt at all. And he didn't even care about when he would have to fight and who he was going to fight with. In his eyes, they were not impor

amily," Lino, who had always be careful and prudent, said after thinking for a short moment.

Colin nodded his head, silently considering. Then he turned to Holy Lord Landon and asked, "What do you think, Holy Lord?"

Of course, Holy Lord Landon would want to see this bet continue. He wanted to see which one would get each family's treasure in the end. He pressed his hands together and spoke concisely.

"As long as you are okay with it, I won't disagree. They can change a disciple," Holy Lord Landon then motioned for Colin to announce the change in the decision.

"Okay, you can change a disciple. But only one disciple can join the match," Colin kept his expression neutral.

Upon hearing this, the chief of the Wei family's eyes shone in delight. He glanced behind him and waved someone over.

"Excellent! Bruce, come here!" As soon as Clive called, a young man walked up to him and stopped right at his side, facing Colin as if to show him the result of his decision.

"What? That bastard?" The talented disciples of the Yu family and the Ji family all gasped in surprise. Their expressions also changed drastically in only a moment. Fear was in their eyes.

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