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   Chapter 146 Changing A Disciple (Part One)

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The outer disciples gladly put the demonic monsters' cores in their pockets. Time was up. Their figures gradually faded, and they were transported back to the plaza of the Holy Land.

"Now that you are all back, it's time to show us what you've got. The person who has the highest points wins,"

Colin said in a loud voice. He had been waiting for everyone to be transported back.

The expression on the face of the chief of the Wei family wasn't a happy one at all. In fact, he looked furious. A mere hunt had made his family lose four disciples. Not only that, the talented disciple Rory was also badly injured and was still unconscious at that very moment. And the worst thing was that they weren't sure if he would be okay or not. Even if he recovered, his future would probably be seriously affected. In a nutshell, he would not be as strong as he was anymore. This fact caused a strain within the family.

"Okay. Then let me show my result first,"

the talented disciple of the Ji family said, taking a step forward. He took out a bag and upturned it. Cardiac cores came tumbling out of the bag onto the ground in front of the chief.

A disciple who was in charge of counting walked up to him and began diligently counting the cardiac cores. Everyone else stayed silent with anticipation.

"The Ji family has 170 superior diabolic beasts' cardiac cores, eighteen grade-one demonic monster cores, one grade-two demonic monster core, and..."

The disciple trailed off, as if he didn't know what to do. His eyes darted around to everyone listening intently for what he was going to say next.

"Why did you stop? Speak!" Colin reprimanded in a serious tone. He didn't know why the disciple stopped all of a sudden.

But the disciples of the Ji family all had proud looks on their faces because they knew why the disciple stopped counting. All that was left was

cores all turned into sand. It's impossible!"

Jack roared in anger, eyes full of disbelief.

Then, his head snapped up, as if he suddenly thought of something. He turned to stare at Darren with murderous eyes. "It's you! You did this to me!" He hurried to his feet, making it like he was going to attack Darren.

"Ha-ha! Don't pretend it's someone else's fault, Jack. It's your right to join the hunt and come back with nothing, but you can't possibly think that you can fool us with a bag full of sand. You're a complete fool!" The disciples of the Ji family, who had been standing aside the whole time, kept shouting snide remarks at him.

"Shut the fuck up!" Jack shouted back in anger. His face was red all over with fury and shame. He was so angry that even his aura burst.

Meanwhile, the look on Darren's face was still calm and indifferent, as if he didn't even hear what Jack said. He was above petty squabbling.

"Jack has zero points," the disciple who was responsible for counting announced. "Now it's time for Darren of the Holy Land to show the cardiac cores he has."

At his words, Darren asked the disciple who was holding their cardiac cores to come over to him. He took the bag and then poured the cores on the ground.

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